The last time we did this, investors made 160%, 183%, 211% and 421%!

Introducing. . .
Multibagger Midcaps - II

Dear Reader,

What do a truck financing company, a low-cost plastics company, a medical devices company and a mid-size bank have in common?

Four completely different companies... Four completely different fields...

Yet, there's one thing that connects them - a meteoric rise.

In a span of just two years, these stocks have grown rapidly to make stupendous returns for their investors.


A transport company that gives 211% returns...

That's exactly what happened with Shriram Transport Finance Ltd. Its investors made a neat 211%!

Meanwhile, people who invested in Opto Circuits, a little-known medical devices company, laughed all the way to the bank with 160% returns jingling in their pockets.

A low-cost plastics company, Sintex Industries, returned 183%.

And the icing on the cake? Yes Bank! It made an incredible 421%.

But why are we talking about these companies now?

Well, apart from the fact that all these stocks figured in our recommendations, there's something else too...

All these recommendations were a part of our special report called "Multibagger Midcaps".

And now, history is about to be repeated...

We are launching the next version of this hugely successful report - 'Multibagger Midcaps - II'.

Here's the full story . . .

Listen carefully...

There are numerous midcap companies out there which (at least on the surface) appear like they're going to be the next big thing.

But will all of them succeed in attaining that level eventually? No!

We can tell you from experience that many of them will fade away within a few years. And some will vanish even faster.

The idea therefore is to identify such companies and stay away from them...

And to spot the real good ones and invest in them early, so that you can make a lot of money when these good companies grow in a few years.

Plus, there's one other thing too...

The Satyam fraud of 2008 had left investors shocked and shaken, but the truth is there are hundreds of Satyam-like midcap companies in India even today!

So how are you going to identify these companies?

How are you going to spot the next 'Infosys in the making' without unwittingly falling prey to the next Satyam?

This is where we come in...

We identify reliable and profitable midcap stocks for you so that you can invest in them and make BIG returns.

In fact, that's exactly what we had done in
Multibagger Midcaps - I

About 15 months ago... on 28th March, 2009 to be exact... we released a special report titled "Multibagger MidCaps."

It was a time when fear dominated the markets and investors remained extremely cautious.

But we knew all along that the pessimism was indeed being overdone and there were a large number of opportunities in the MidCap space.

So after a detailed analysis, we unearthed four gems that were best positioned to not only give a prospective investor a great shot at making fabulous returns over the next 2-3 years, but also had the fundamentals and the business model to ride out the downturn in case it turned worse.

Long story short... things unfolded far sooner than we expected, and all the four stocks have gained handsomely since our recommendation.

Here's why we picked those four stocks and how they performed:

a) Shriram Transport Finance

Shriram Transport Finance
Base = 100

Our first recommendation in the Multi-bagger Midcap report was Shriram Transport Finance Ltd.

While the company had to bear the brunt of a secular, market-wide sell off, we thought its asset valuation and loan recovery skills had made it a great long-term bet on the future of financing of commercial vehicles.

Furthermore, this company did not even have any competition as it was the only organised player offering loans for used trucks... a domain avoided by banks and serviced otherwise only by money lenders.

Hence we recommended this company to our subscribers...

And our faith has been vindicated by the strong 211% jump the stock has seen since the lows of March 2009.

b) Opto Circuits

Opto Circuits
Base = 100

When the CEO of a company chooses to increase his stake in the company... at a price which is a good 55% above the market price... one dare not doubt the medium term outlook for that company.

Even more so when the company is growing its sales and profits at a rate of 47% and 74% respectively for not one, not two but a five year period... and that too in the healthcare business that is recession proof. One really has to be sleepwalking to pass up such an opportunity!

Well, we certainly weren't sleep walking and when the opportunity presented itself to us, we recommended it to our subscribers.

One of the main reason for recommending it was its ever-increasing presence in the healthcare market -- in India as well as worldwide -- and its new drug eluting balloon catheters, which were gaining worldwide popularity for use in angioplasty surgeries performed on cardiac patients.

Those who acted on our recommendation have more than doubled their money in a matter of months!

c) Sintex Industries

Sintex Industries
Base = 100

Here's another of our recommendations from the Multi-bagger MidCaps I that more than doubled in the space of little over a year - Sintex industries.

Although the stock was beaten down on account of near term concerns with respect to the company's growth and profitability, once again it was way too overdone, thus making available the company at rock bottom valuations.

Also, the company's past track record with respect to innovation and identifying new usage opportunities in the plastics business was a big clincher for us.

Eventually, even the markets seemed to have come to praise these virtues of the firm... as was evident from the more than doubling of the stock since our recommendation date.

b) Yes Bank

Yes Bank
Base = 100

If doubling your money is not exciting enough, how about making 5 times your money!

Yes, that's the gain our second recommendation, Yes Bank, has given over a space of less than a year!

Now, you might wonder why we recommended a stock that belongs to an industry which was at the heart of the global financial crisis. Well, a lot of investors seemed to have made the same mistake in understanding the company.

No doubt that the bank belonged to the financial sector. But most of its business was India-centric and hence quite insulated from the crisis.

Secondly, the firm was also safeguarded due to its differentiated lending approach and well-hedged revenue stream.

So while investors failed to latch on to these factors and took the stock to the cleaners, we believed that the hammering was a little overdone and hence recommended the stock to our subscribers... making them party to an incredible 421% in little over a year!

Simply put, if you had invested Rs 100,000 in each of these companies back then, you'd have made Rs 1,375,000 by now.

Or in other words, you'd have turned every Rs 1 lakh of your money into Rs 3.44 lakhs.

And now, like I said, history is about to be repeated again...

A US$ 1 Billion Opportunity
Now yours to profit from . . .

Just picturize the following investments for a moment...

US$ 150 bn in Power Generation
US$ 40 bn in Oil & Gas
US$ 75 bn in Chemicals
US$ 63 bn in Irrigation
US$ 36 bn in Water supply and sanitation

... and one company placed to benefit from ALL of these investments over the next few years.

It's true!

You don't often come across a company with such great profit potential and operating in so many areas. So this is indeed one of those rare cases.

On the whole, we're talking about a market opportunity of US$ 980 mn - US$ 1 bn... expected to go up to US$ 1.25 bn by the year 2015.

The company is one of the major players in the Indian pumps industry. It has completed 50 years of operations in India and has the backing of its international parent company behind it.

(By the way, the parent company is among the top 10 pump companies in the world too)

What's more, it recently also declared a record dividend exceeding 100% for its stock holders.

The Indian pump industry along with that in China is likely to grow faster than it has ever done in the past and emerge as one of the world's biggest. And this company, by way of being one of the leaders in the field, is all set to garner a big chunk of this market.

But wait, here's the kicker...

Despite being so attractive, the investors and media have not taken the company seriously.

The reason? People feel that the growth prospects for it are limited since it operates in a highly-competitive industry.

But if you give me a few minutes, I'll show you why almost everybody has got it wrong...

And how you can use this incorrect public perception to your advantage and make 100% returns from it in 2-3 years easily.

Here's more on it . . .

First off, let's dispel your fears about the company not being able to survive in a highly-competitive industry...

A couple of months back, we did a conference call with the company. It literally oozed confidence.

The management was confident that the company will be able to grow at a robust rate despite the competition, and we could easily see why...

In fact, we could see real-time proof that it was ALREADY doing very well.

See, most companies when facing stiff competition in their field slash prices and allow clients to make delayed payments on purchases, etc.

But this company has done just the opposite.

It has gone ahead and charged more... and it has also convinced clients to make advance payments for future deliveries.

If that's not enough proof that the company can survive and flourish in a highly competitive market place, then what is?

However, there are other factors also which have set up the scene nicely for it.

To begin with...

India's ever-increasing demand for Electric Power
A boon for this company and its stock holders

Millions of Indians across India have learnt to live with power shortages day in and day out. But there's something they still don't realise...

This is only the beginning. The worst is yet to come.

You see, India is and has always been short of power supply. Power cuts have been a part and parcel of people's lives.

And now, factors like increase in household and commercial consumption, electrification of rural areas and manufacturing growing faster are aggravating the problem even further.

According to a McKinsey report, India's demand for power will soar to a whopping 315,000 MW by 2017 - more than double the current installed capacity.

To meet this sudden increase in demand, the government is planning to spend about US$ 150 bn to set up power plants throughout the country and increase power generation.

And what will these power plants need, among other things?

Pumps and valves!

Yes! This company recently received an order for 12 large boiler feed pumpsets for a power plant in Chattisgarh.

Given its ability to provide industry pumps of custom specifications, as required in the case of power plants, it becomes an almost automatic choice for projects like this.

In fact, this company earns about 60% of its revenues from high-end project sales such as this.

The Planning Commission of India is now targeting a double-digit growth in the power sector in the coming years.

So that should give you a hint about this company's future prospects in this sector.

A dream come true for Ravat and his family. . .
Made possible by companies such as this

Imagine Ravat a 20-yr old boy now studying in Mumbai but originally from an agricultural family in a small village in Punjab.

Imagine his family, until a few years ago entirely dependent on ground water for irrigation , suffering losses, even starving if the monsoons didn't come on time any year or if the rainfall was scanty.

But all this has now changed...For the better!

A few years ago, for the first time ever, water was transported to villages like Ravatís , from far-off rivers via the canals.

And the big thing -- for a part of the distance, the water was actually transported upstream using pumps.

I think you can understand the significance of something like this for Indian agriculture.

In the coming years, the Indian government is planning to spend more than US$ 60 bn on irrigation.

Plans are even being made to link different rivers to make it possible to store excess water for agriculture and power generation, and to enable better flood control.

So this company and others like it are sure to benefit bigtime from all of that investment.

This company is a strong contender for all micro-irrigation and bulk lift irrigation projects because the pumps required for these projects are large, customized pumps with a complex design.

And that the company already has a strong presence in the fluid transportation sector comes to its advantage too.

Discovery of new gas reserves
To hasten pipeline network growth . . .

As you may know already, Reliance Industries Ltd. struck gas in the Krishna-Godavari basin in the Bay of Bengal recently.

With this the domestic gas production is expected to treble. But with the demand for gas increasing constantly, the government will also have to lay new pipelines to transport this gas to different regions too.

So over the next couple of years, pipelines will be laid from the KG-basin to industries in Gujarat, Bengal, Maharashtra, Tuticorin and elsewhere.

And also to supply gas directly to retail consumers in Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore, and other cities!

Just think about it -- transporting gas directly to people's homes via pipelines. Surely a first of its kind venture in India.

And for all this, RIL will be spending about US$ 3.5 billion to begin with.

But RIL is not the only one laying pipelines or expanding their infrastructure...
  • Mahanagar Gas Ltd (MGL) will invest over US$ 3.37 billion in a span of 5-6 years to lay infrastructure for the supply of both Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG)

  • Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL) will invest US$ 660.7 million -US$ 770.8 million, expanding its transmission capacity from the current 150 million standard cubic metres per day (mscmd) to 300 mscmd

  • Indian state-run Oil & Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) will invest US$ 7.11 billion for the first phase development of three marginal fields located in Mumbai offshore on the western coast

  • Indian Oil Corp (IOC) aims to expand the capacity of its Panipat plant by 25 per cent to 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) by October 2010 to meet growing fuel demand. The refinery expansion will cost US$ 224.8 million

  • Plus there are numerous other oil and gas projects either in progress or in the pipeline today
All these things will undoubtedly require pumps and valves. And that is where our company comes into the picture.

How this company has an advantage over others. . .

The biggest advantage for this company is that it is the only company in India which manufactures pumps and valves to support functions of agricultural sector, water and sewage management systems, as well as industrial applications such as power, petrochemicals, etc.

But it has many other strong points too, like:

a) Strong relationship with agents:

Unlike other pumps companies, this company relies on its sole-selling agents to sell its product in the market... and this works very well for it too. Last year, the company paid about Rs 114 mn to its agents on this account.

b) An eye on the domestic user:

The company is currently pushing its mini-monoblock pumpset in the domestic market by utilizing the influence the plumbers have on domestic users in India - an area companies easily overlook.

c) A clear leader in the supply of pumps for chemical sector:

This company manufactures pumps capable of transporting chemicals and corrosive fluids for use in refineries that possess API certification in India. And believe it or not, there's hardly any competition for this company in this field.

d) A foreign-based parent company that acts as source for components and new technologies:

Its parent company is constantly innovating and coming up with tried and tested technology all the time. So without having to spend too much on research and development, it can benefit from the new technology developed by its parent company. And it can also source components from its parent company.

Past performance and
Future prospects for this company . . .

This company currently has 5 plants in India and has also made a couple of acquisitions in the last 10 years to expand its business.

What has impressed us most about the company is the huge improvement it has managed to bring about in its profitability. Since the start of this decade, it has managed to grow its net profits at nearly 11x even as it revenues have grown by just about 3.5x.

Going forward the company plans to invest Rs 300-400 mn a year to improve support functions at its various facilities across the country.

By doing so, it can provide full project management and better after-sale services that most clients look for.

Apart from this, the company is also working on developing seal-less, magnetic-driven and variable-speed pumps.

Seal-less pumps (or zero-leakage pumps) are a vital component in the oil and chemicals sectors and could give this company a clear edge over its rivals.

Full details about this little-known company are given in our new special report titled, "Multibagger Midcaps - II".

However this is just one of the 3 opportunities present in that report...

Midcap Opportunity #2:
A Real-Estate Company that could give 100-150%
Over the next 2-3 Years

We all know how bad the years FY08 and FY09 turned out to be for the real estate industry. Thus, if there is any company out there that has not just survived this period but even thrived in it, then that company surely needs to be lauded.

This company's management has demonstrated itself to be a shrewd and uncannily prescient one. It did not get carried away when the whole world around it was riding a property boom of magnanimous proportions. Something surely easier said than done. But it did.

It showed the patience, the diligence and the ability to uphold its philosophy even when the crowd was against it.

And what do you know? The company reaped the benefits of its sound management later, picking up land at distressed prices during the downturn. And more importantly, having the funds available with it to do that.

All in all, this unique debt free company in India's infamous real estate sector is now all set to reap the benefits of its actions in the years to come. And trust us, you certainly don't want to miss being part of it!

So to sum it up, you could earn returns of around 100%-150% over the next 2 to 3 years by investing in this company now.

Midcap Opportunity #3:
A Very Popular English Daily That Could
Double In 2-3 Years

This company owns one of the largest circulated English dailies in South India and also India's fourth largest circulated and read English daily.

And even an elementary knowledge of how the newspaper industry works is enough to know that having such a strong position is a very important advantage to have in the newspaper industry.

You see, newspaper companies derive a bulk of their revenues from the advertisements that they carry in their newspapers and hence, higher the circulation, higher the bargaining power with the entities that want to advertise in newspapers.

Thus, having such a dominant position ensures that one gets the best advertisement rates in town.

Sample this - between FY03 and FY09, the company's standalone revenues from advertisement have grown at a whopping 87% CAGR. A testament to the strength of its position in the industry.

A significant portion of this was attributed to the new editions that the company came out with and was consistently able to make successes out of them.

The company also made a shrewd strategic investment some time back, and is consequently now the owner of a brand that few in the world of Indian sports can afford to ignore. Needless to add, the value of the investment has swelled to levels far above what the company paid for it.

Add to all this the high amount of profitability and strong financial standing of the company, and you could easily earn returns of around 100% over the next 2 to 3 years by investing in this company now.

Detailed information on all these 3 companies is given in our new special report Multibagger Midcaps - II.

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1) A cigarette company

cigarette Company
Base = 100

Recommended on 4th Feb 09.

The stock gained an impressive 125% i.e. more than doubling the investment.

We recommended the stock because we believed that the high dividend yield that the stock offered was not onetime in nature and was quite sustainable in the future as well.

Our faith was vindicated as the stock more than doubled since our recommendation as the company continued to pay strong dividends.

2) A Packaging company

A Packaging company
Base = 100

Doubling in a short span of six months, this investment yielded a fantastic return for our subscribers.

Certain investors dumped the stock into the market some time back for reasons entirely different than the company's fundamentals.

In view of the massive correction and the company's exposure to virtually recession proof sectors like FMCG and Pharma, we felt the risk reward ratio of investing in the company was overwhelmingly in favor of the investor.

Our faith has been vindicated by the sharp 212% jump in the company's share price since our recommendation.

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I bet that you, like numerous other people, were taken aback by the 'Satyam' fiasco and started wondering how many more companies of that sort are there in India that you don't know about.

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But I have to warn you...

Even after being extremely careful,
our predictions could sometimes turn out to be wrong. . .

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