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Legendary research firm that called Sensex 40,000 in 2016 issues
urgent new alert about coming once-in-a-generation wealth shift

The Rebirth of India

Once the richest nation on earth, India was robbed of its wealth, power, and influence... But now, three extremely powerful hidden forces are converging to trigger its
multi-trillion-dollar rebirth that could potentially mint countless new millionaires...
Read the letter below for more details…

“…the potential for India is incredible.“
Warren Buffett


Rahul Goel

CEO, Equitymaster

Hello Dear Viewer…

Welcome to The Rebirth of India Summit.

I’m your host Rahul Goel and the story we’re breaking today is the most important in our firm’s 25-year history. It’s a story impacting every Indian from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

A story of ground-breaking consequences that cannot be ignored.

Yet, not one in a 10,000 Indians is aware of what’s happening right beneath their feet.

Today, in this urgent new broadcast, we intend to change that. And let me say this in no uncertain terms:

What you're about to discover could be the greatest wealth-building event ever for both our country and your net worth

Millions will be lifted out of poverty…

Countless new high-paying jobs will be created.…

Towns and cities all across the nation will be transformed…

New roads, bridges, railways, and buildings will spring up…

India will become a global hub for technological innovation…

Our GDP will surge, growing by trillions of rupees…

And, believe it or not, this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Because what we're witnessing is nothing
short of a complete economic rebirth of India

A rebirth that will restore the power, wealth, and influence India once enjoyed.

And, those who invest in the companies at the heart of this massive event could turn a small stake into potentially generational wealth over the long term.

You see, COVID-19 triggered a fundamental shift in the global economic and geopolitical map.

And while our country has struggled for centuries now… weighed down by British rule, the license Raj, and policy paralysis.

This shift is poised to revive our history as a global superpower, creating countless new dollar millionaires in the process.

It's why Jeff Bezos says:

“I predict that the 21st century is going to be the Indian century.”

It's why famed fund manager Mark Mobius says:

“I believe India is now at the cusp of a big breakthrough in terms of growth and prosperity.”

And it's why Warren Buffett says:

“the potential for India is incredible.”

However, this reshuffling of the geopolitical map is just ONE of the forces behind this massive rebirth of India...

Because for the first time ever…

Three forces are simultaneously converging to unleash a once in a generation wealth boom

With our estimates showing that Indian stock markets could add wealth of almost Rs 200 trillion over the next decade.

And while this could positively impact every person in the country... YOU have the opportunity to turn this historic event into potentially millions of rupees by owning the companies at the heart of THIS massive event… which is the rebirth of India

Tanushree Banerjee

Editor, StockSelect

Today, our guest, Tanushree Banerjee, is going to tell you details of the THREE stocks to buy right now for potential returns of around 1,000% or more over the long term.

Tanushree is widely regarded as India's top financial analyst.

Her ability to predict and recommend profitable trades from major economic events has earned Tanushree a cult following of more than 400,000 readers. And those who follow her recommendations have had the opportunity to build massive wealth.

However, she says this is nothing compared to what's coming next.

She says this coming rebirth is the greatest opportunity she's ever seen - a once-in-a-generation event that could transform India.

A shift of unprecedented magnitude. One she urges all Indians from all walks of life to take advantage of because even a small stake could turn into potentially huge profits.

That being said, let's welcome Tanushree to this exclusive summit…

Tanushree, thanks for being here...


Thank you Rahul.

I'm really excited to get started.


Same here Tanushree!

I'm going to skip the small talk and dive straight in because I know you have a lot to share and I want to get to the details of THREE rebirth of India stocks you’re here to tell us about today.


Suits me, Rahul.


Tanushree, you've never been afraid to go against the grain. To speak out against the mainstream narrative. Over the years you’ve sounded the alarm bell on several investment landmines long before anyone else.

I remember when almost every media outlet, financial analyst, and investor was drunk on the story of Vakrangee.

The stock had risen 1,000% and everyone believed it still had much, much more room to grow.

But not you. To my knowledge, you were the only analyst who warned your subscribers the company was not what it seemed and a crash was imminent…

Within 6 months of your call, the stock plunged by more than 90% and still hasn’t recovered.

Back in 2016 you also warned your subscribers to avoid public sector banks helping them avoid crashes of up to 70%.

You also called the bankruptcy of IL&FS long before any other analyst, not to mention the subsequent collapse of the NBFC sector.


That's right.

I'm incredibly proud of the performance my team of analysts and I have delivered to our readers over the years.

By remaining 100% independent from the financial institutions and mainstream media we are able to provide an unbiased, unfiltered analysis of what's really going on in the markets.

It's how we've not only guided our readers safeguard their wealth from major crashes… but also grow it many times, often with low-risk, safe returns that dwarfs the performance of most other analyst I'm aware of.


Folks, when Tanushree says “ dwarf the performance”, she's not exaggerating. If anything, she's understating just how good her track record is.

Case in point, you've guided your followers go for gains of:

1,082% on Titan in just two and a half years

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

1,004% on Exide Industries in less than 9 years

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

1,1975% on State Bank of India in 8 years

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

1,821% on M&M in less than 7 years

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

2,740% on Voltas in around 7 years

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

3,309% on L&T in less than 8 years

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.


I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that not all my recommendations will be runaway successes like these.

I'd never claim to be correct 100% of the time. I've had my fair share of losers too. But that’s part of the game. All investing involves a degree of risk and past performance is no guarantee of future success.


Of course, not. And thank you for saying that. I wanted to pick these stocks because I think they best demonstrate just how rapidly your wealth can potentially grow through investing.

I mean, just Rs 1 lakh invested in L&T would have grown into Rs 34 lakh in less than 8 years.

And that's just ONE of your recommendations.

If you'd invested the same amount into each of the stocks listed above, you'd be sitting on a fortune worth hundreds of thousands of RS.

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.


Incredible, right?

It's why I've devoted my life to trying to make long-term investing safe and easy for Indians.

Research has shown it's the fastest, most predictable way to generate wealth over the long term. Yet, in my opinion, very few Indians take advantage of the opportunity at their fingertips.

And even less few grasp the opportunity to transform their families' future.


I agree. It's why I admire your personal mission, Tanushree. And, I love that your work, along with our other analysts at Equitymaster has already guided tens of thousands of Indians change their life through investing.


Whenever I hear from people we've guided, I get goosebumps. Nothing is more exciting than hearing how we’ve guided someone take control of their financial future.


Like, Hemant H Shah, from Mumbai:

“My experience with Equitymaster is extremely rewarding, satisfying, and profitable. I have almost 95% success rate of their recommendation.”

Dr. Muralidhara Y.K., from Mangalore:

“Equitymaster is a great site for everybody (beginners and professionals) who are in the business of stocks. I have learnt a lot from it and earned even up to 200%.”

Pankaj Deshkar, from Pune:

“I am a subscriber of Equitymaster since 2009. Enjoying handsome returns since then. I made this decision of joining in one of the tough phases in my life and fully got paid for the right decision.”

Then there's Mohammed Yahyabhoy, from Mumbai who simply says:

“I have made my money by
following Equitymaster.”


Yet, despite your unparalleled track record of guiding subscribers make huge gains and avoid catastrophic collapses.

Just before we went live today, you told me that what you were going to share is “the most important message of your career”…


That's right, Rahul.

But, the warning I want to give today isn't about a coming crash or collapse… it's the opposite.

I want to warn our viewers that if they ignore the new paradigm shift currently unfolding across the global economic map… I guarantee it will be the greatest financial mistake of their life, and possibly the lives of their kids, grandkids, and even future generations.


I've followed your research for a long time, Tanushree.

But I have to say, that's quite the statement to make. Especially when you consider the fallout from the Covid crisis… the high unemployment rates, the reverse migration, the growing divide between rich and poor… the recent round of lockdowns

So tell me, what's going on here…


All of those are real concerns. And I'm not downplaying them at all. But, as you're about to see, I believe each of them will eliminated by what's on India's horizon.

You see, in the simplest of terms…

We're on the cusp of the greatest
investment opportunity of our lifetime

India is about to experience a rebirth of jaw-dropping proportions…

A rebirth that will mint countless new dollar millionaires as the stocks at the heart of this event explode in value.

I'm talking about the potential to bag returns of 100%, 300%, 500%, even 1,000% or more in the long run… turning every lac into as much as a million rupees… with strictly limited risk and with no investment experience required

On the flip side of this opportunity, I believe that those who ignore the writing on the wall and disregard the evidence I'm about to share will regret it for decades to come.

While others watch their net worth grow by leaps and bounds, those who ignore this message will find their wealth stuck in the mud.


You're saying this despite the fact the world is still gripped by a pandemic?

That's quite a radical view because while the worst seems to be passed, many experts are saying the impact of Covid-19 will suppress economic growth for years. So why are you so bullish?


Great question. It's not something I say simply to be a contrarian. Instead, I follow the data and it all points to one undeniable fact…

While many of the world's economies have been crushed by the pandemic... and while many will take years, perhaps even decades to fully recover… India's economic prospects have actually been accelerated as a result of COVID-19


Wait, you're saying India's economy has benefited from the pandemic?


Yes! Exponentially so!

And while you may not see it yet, the data is clear. The rebirth is happening right now. Behind the scenes, out of sight of most regular people, some absolutely incredible changes are going on

Changes that you will soon see the effects of in your life, even if you're not seeing the impact yet.

India is leading the world's economic recovery with a GDP growth set to reach 12.8% in FY 2022. What's more, most business activity is already back to pre-pandemic levels.

All this, while other countries struggle to even lift their lockdowns.

However, as you'll see in just a moment, we’re only just getting started. I'm staking my career on the fact that India is going to be the growth story of the 21st century!


It's not just you saying this is it, Tanushree?

I know several of the world's top investors agree with you…

Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezo, Mark Mobius, and others have all noted India's unparalleled potential.

Jim Walker, chief economist of Asianomics, even said:

“India is a big story that isn't going away
for 30 years.”

Even the International Monetary Fund has noted that while COVID impacted every country, they are bullish on India.

But what I want to know is WHY?


There's a small group of us who're screaming about this from the rooftops, urging all Indians to get in before it's too late.

See, if you invest into the rebirth of India ahead of the masses, you are looking at potentially life-changing wealth.

Just consider the story of Kansai Nerolac. This is a rebirth stock which has already returned 90% in less than a year.

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here.Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

And remember, this growth is BEFORE the truly explosive phase of the rebirth has been triggered... the phase I'm telling you about today and urging you to get in ahead of.


Pretty amazing.

With returns like that, you don't need much to invest to make a lot of money.


That's what's so exciting. Due to their explosive potential, the stocks at the heart of this rebirth give everyone - regardless of their current social or economic status - the chance to get rich over the long term

You don't need any investing experience… you don't need much money to get started… you don't need to be a financial expert…

All you've got to do is ride the tsunami of wealth that's rushing towards India as we speak.

And when I say rushing towards India, I mean it.

This isn't something happening far off in the future, the rebirth is already happening. We're in the early stages. But it's moving with explosive speed.

And I warn you, if you don't act immediately I believe you will miss the opportunity of a lifetime… potentially costing yourself and your loved ones a small fortune


Well, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm excited to hear what you have to share with us.

Can you give us a quick teaser of what to expect today?


First, I'm going to present clear, irrefutable evidence proving this great rebirth of India that's underway is officially unstoppable - no matter what happens in the world.

I'll show you how three hidden mega-trends are converging for the first time ever to trigger an economic boom of unparalleled proportions.

A boom that will restore the prosperity and power India used to enjoy.

Plus, I'll show you how the pandemic has actually accelerated the process of this rebirth.

Second, I'll show you details of the 3 stocks to BUY ahead of this boom.

These are the little-known Indian stocks at the heart of this rebirth and they have the potential to return as much as 1,000% or more over the long term.

Third, I'll tell you details of 3 stocks to SELL immediately!

These are the companies my analysis shows could be crushed by the coming paradigm shift. Several of these are big, well-known, “ safe” stocks that millions of investors are exposed to.

If you own them, I'd suggest you consider selling them ASAP.

Finally, I'll give you my roadmap to profit from the rebirth of India.

This is my brand-new report that guides you through these disruptive times and shows you, step-by-step, how to potentially make maximum profit with minimum risk from the rebirth of India.

And because I want to ensure as many Indians as possible take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I’m offering to give my report away for FREE at the end of today's broadcast.


Before we look to the future,
we need to look to the past

As you know, Rahul, our country has a rich history.

For centuries we were one of the wealthiest nations on earth.


If I remember my history correctly, we were the leading economic power in the 17th century…


It actually goes further back…

A study commissioned by the United Nations looked back 2,000 years and revealed India was the top economic power since the first millennium. We retained this position of global economic dominance until the 17th century.

Our output accounted for 25% of the global GDP, which would be the equivalent of $21 trillion in today's money. We were a cultural hub... a manufacturing superpower... an agriculture juggernaut... and our trade routes stretched the globe.

(Source: Wikipedia/M Tracy Hunter)

We even surpassed the might of ancient China and our people had a higher standard of living than many other empires.


…until the British ransacked out land and forced their colonial rule on our country.



And while I don't want to go too deep into that part of our history, it's important to highlight the devastating impact of this. You see, the British Raj effectively handicapped our growth and, for lack of a better term, enslaved us.

It prevented India from becoming innovators and instead kept us locked in time as simple producers.


A quote from our prime minister Narendra Modi has always stuck with me…

“He said India may have missed the bus in the first three industrial revolutions. But this time, India has not only boarded the bus but will also drive it.”


Exactly. While other countries surged forward India was left behind, stuck under the rule of colonial Britain.

In fact, research from Columbia University – one of America's top Ivy League schools – really highlights the catastrophe of British rule on our economy, our country, and our way of life.

Utsa Patanik, a world renowned economist found that Britain drained a staggering $45 trillion from India between 1765-1938.

To put this into context, $45 trillion is 17x MORE than Britain's annual GDP. And, they stole it from straight from OUR pockets and put it into THEIRS.


…I'm speechless…


I know? Imagine how wealthy India would be if it hadn't been for the British Raj?

Fortunately, we're starting to get an answer to question this. And the future is bright. Very bright. Ever since we regained our freedom, we have methodically been increasing our nation's wealth and power.

Case in point, according to World Bank data, in 1991 India's GDP was 17th on the global leader board.

Considering our billion-strong population, this was a weak position. However, since then we’ve skyrocketed to 5th. And, I believe we will soon surpass France, the U.K., Germany, and Japan.

Country Most Recent Year Most Recent Value (Millions)
United States 2019 21,433,226.00
China 2019 14,342,903.01
Japan 2019 5,081,769.54
Germany 2019 3,861,123.56
India 2019 2,868,929.42

(Source: World Bank; CC BY-4.0)

Look at the growth chart, Rahul. After years of near-zero growth, it has surged exponentially in the last few years. As I say though, this is nothing compared to what's coming next.


You've shown me research before proving Indians are getting richer faster than the residents of any other country… with the private wealth held by Indians set to soar to $24.7 trillion… more than double that of the U.K. and Germany

(Data Source: New World Wealth via AfrAsia Bank)


It's an exhilarating time to be an Indian, that's for sure.

However, all the great progress we’ve made pales in comparison to what could come after the rebirth of India. I believe we’re about to experience a boom that could go down in history as the greatest wealth creation event ever.


That's a bold claim, Tanushree.


It's one I make with 100% confidence though. You see, three unique mega-trends are coming together simultaneously. And I believe this convergence will trigger a boom that creates trillion of dollars in value over the coming years.

  • Millions will be raised from poverty.
  • Roads, buildings, and infrastructure will spring up.
  • Our cities will be transformed into sleek, modern metropolises.
  • Our people will have access to the luxuries of first-world countries.
  • India will become a global hub of innovation and invent countless new technological breakthrough

The list of changes coming down the line goes on and on.

And while this rebirth is going to impact and enrich every Indian to varying degrees… YOU have the potential to become wealthy if you're bold enough to invest in the companies fuelling this event.

To really shine a light on the wealth-building potential here, I want to quickly look to one of our neighbours who underwent their own rebirth in recent history.




By looking at the story of China we can see breadcrumbs as to how our rebirth will unfold. For reasons I'll explain in just a moment, my evidence shows our boom could be even greater.

(Source: World Bank)

The China of antiquity was a great superpower with wealth surpassed only by India.

Their empire was built on agriculture, manufacturing, and extensive trade networks throughout Europe.

However, the might of China started to crumble due to increasing trade-isolation, the arrogance of their leaders, the opium wars, and a multitude of other factors.

The result was a rapid decline in fortune that eventually led to hundreds of millions living in abject poverty. However, since opening up its economy, China went through a remarkable rebirth that left most economists dumbstruck…

  • Between 1979 and 2018, GDP growth has averaged 9.5% per year. A pace the World Bank described as: “the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history”
  • China became the manufacturing hub of the world, making itself essential to western super powers.
  • The country was transformed, with new roads, buildings, and infrastructure springing up.
  • More than 800 million people have been raised out of poverty.

Those who invested in China's rebirth stocks could have created generational wealth from a very small amount.


Stocks like…

BYD, which is up by over 486% in just 10 years.

ANTA Sports that’s up over 931%.

Or, Kweichow Moutai that surged more than 1,001% in just 10 years.


As I said though, I believe India's rebirth could be even greater than the story of China and there's one reason for that. Right now, as we speak…

Three mega-trends are converging
at the exact same time.

Typically just one of these mega-trends would be powerful enough to trigger a massive economic boom.

Now, for the first time in history, three of these mega-trends are converging simultaneously. And, my research shows the result will be a giant rebirth of India.


And these mega-trends are as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?


Yes and no. Each of these trends - which I'll share with you in just a moment - each of them was present before coronavirus

They were slowly building steam, slowly influencing the marketplace, and slowly reviving the economy. However, the moment the pandemic hit and upended the global economic map, it was like rocket fuel for each of them.

Now, these mega-trends have leaped forward, accelerating India's rebirth by several orders of magnitude.


…and that's why you wanted to host this urgent broadcast? To make sure people know what's going on and can take advantage?


Precisely. There's only a small window of opportunity to get in before it's too late. And if you miss it, it could be the greatest financial mistake of your life and cost you potentially a small fortune.


So this begs the question…

What are these converging mega-trends… how will they impact India's economy… and how can our viewers profit from them?

Mega Trend #1 :
India's New Silk Road

The first mega-trend is what I call “India's New Silk Road.”

But I'm not talking about the Belt and Road Initiative or anything like that.

What's going on is much more important. In fact, the impact of this cannot be underestimated.

As you know, in recent decades China has become the world's factory. According to the United Nations, China accounts for 28% of the world's manufacturing output and generates around $4 trillion per year for their economy.

They are the world's leader in the manufacturing of steel, car parts, chemicals, electronics, and robotics. Not to mention other small industries like clothing, toys, sports equipment, and countless other categories.

This title of China as the world's factory was always believed to be unassailable.


For years the Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, and South Korean governments have been trying to coax companies away from China.


Trying and failing.


Right, the big companies had no reason to change. Everyone was happy with the deal.


Until Coronavirus was unleashed on the world. See, when the virus was first discovered the actions of the Chinese Government highlighted the dangers of over-reliance on one country.


…especially a communist dictatorship…


Precisely. A bombshell report from America's Department of Homeland Security revealed the Chinese Community Party didn't just cover up the severity of COVID-19…

…they also delayed telling the World Health Organization about the outbreak so they could hoard more medical supplies.

That's right, instead of alerting the world about a deadly virus ripping through their country, they covered it up so they could stockpile face masks, gowns, and other crucial personal protective equipment.

If this wasn't despicable enough, reports from National Interest revealed they also threatened to withhold essential pharmaceutical supplies.

As the virus spread, countries all over the world struggled to get their hands on essential supplies, much of which were manufactured in China and hoarded by the Chinese Community Party.


I remember the backlash all across the globe. The anger was palpable.


Understandably so. The backlash from corporations and governments was fierce and immediate. And, I believe this will cost the Chinese economy billions, even trillions of dollars in the long-run.

That's because – as a direct result of Covid-19 and the CCP's handling of the virus – a mass reshoring of manufacturing is now underway.

No longer are companies exclusively using China.

Instead they are diversifying to a number of new manufacturing and supply chain countries.


And India is one of them?


Exactly. India has now positioned itself as a crucial cog in the global manufacturing and supply chain machine. And, it is going to generate windfall profits from this.

Global consulting firm Kearney released a report revealing a vast number of manufacturing companies are already reducing imports from China, including:

Hasbro Inc., WalMart, GoPro, Universal Electronics, Apple, Steve Madden, Stanley Black & Decker, Whirlpool Corp.,
and Intel Corporation.

In addition to the companies already ditching China, a study showed a staggering 64% of businesses said they were likely to re-shore production in response to COVID-19.

While some of this was already happening before the pandemic, it has been accelerated greatly and has ushered in the rise of a new Silk Road.


Why do you call it that? I always thought the Silk Road was China's…


You're right. It was the name given to the ancient trade route connecting Asia to the Mediterranean. A trade route that brought China immense prosperity, making it a key cog in the global economy.

Now, as more and more countries look to move away from China and diversify their supply chains, a new global trade network… a new “Silk Road” is emerging.

With India is at the heart of it. So much so that global consulting firm McKinsey expects it will add $320 billion to India's GDP in less than a decade

However, I believe it could be many times greater than this.

Because Prime Minister Modi has grabbed the opportunity by the horns. He is offering even greater incentives to firms that start manufacturing their products in India. And it's working…

Samsung, Apple, Tesla, Pegatron, OnePlus, RealMe, Amazon, and countless other firms are setting up manufacturing in India… and this is just the beginning


It's not just about the dollars and cents though… with more and more firms moving to India it will help every Indian. New manufacturing plants and factories will spring up… entire towns will grow around these industries…

Countless high-paying jobs will be created… not to mention all the jobs and industries required to support the big firms and all the jobs they create… restaurants… hotels… housing…


Exactly. It will have an amazing impact on Indians from all walks of life.

It's why Harvard University says:

“The economic pole of global growth has moved over the past few years from China to
neighbouring India, where it is likely to stay over the coming decade.”

It's why Arvind Panagariya – the famous Indian-American economist and professor of economics at Columbia University – says:

“[the] last two decades were China's,
the next two should be India's.”

And Rakesh Jhunjhunwala put it even more bluntly, saying:

“I can tell you one thing – India will
overtake China in the next 25 years”


Amazing. Now tell me, how can our viewers profit from this new Silk Road mega-trend?


Well, as I noted, every Indian will benefit from this in one way or another.

However, you have the opportunity to potentially grow wealthy from it too. I'm talking serious wealth. How? By investing in the one company poised to best benefit from this New Silk Road.

It's a company impacting billions of people every day.

And, I'm willing to bet that you’ve used their products without even knowing it, Rahul.

That's because it's the hidden force fuelling juggernauts like Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, L'Oreal, Proctor & Gamble, ITC, Marico, Himalaya, and many more. In fact, without this one company, many of these major corporations would be crippled.

Despite this, most investors don't even know this firm exists.

I don't believe that will remain the case for much longer though…

As a result of Covid-19, this company is set to gain global recognition.

Profits are up. Growth is accelerating. Management is capitalizing on the opportunity.

Currently the stock is relatively under-valued as most investors are missing the deep value hidden in the company, but as I said, this won't last long.

I believe, this stock could potentially deliver around 1,200% return over the long term as this India's New Silk Road develops and spreads.

You should grab this stock immediately.

Later on I'll tell you how to get the name of it.


1,200% is quite the projection…


It's actually a conservative projection. I'm being very cautious here. Just take a look at how key manufacturing stocks performed during China's rebirth

BYD returned 486% in just 10 years

ANTA Sports surged more than 931%

Kweichow Moutai made investors 1,001% in just 10 years

Plus, as I showed you earlier, the rebirth of India has the potential to be as large or even greater.

However, before I tell you about this company at the heart of India's New Silk Road, I want to discuss the next mega-trend forming.

Because remember, this rebirth isn't being fuelled by just one mega-trend, but the simultaneous convergence of THREE trends at once.

Mega Trend #2 :
The New Silicon Valley

It's what I call the New Silicon Valley.

Let me tell you, Rahul. In my 20-year career I've never seen anything more exciting than this.

Our country is no longer just a simple factory. We are fast-becoming a key player in the global economy. Designing and building new innovative solutions, not just fulfilling orders for other more developed nations.

And entrepreneurs all across the country are innovating new technologies, solutions, and companies at an incredible pace.

Financial Technology. Artificial Intelligence. Clean Energy. Electric Vehicles. Blockchain. Telecom. Life Sciences… Indian entrepreneurs are tackling big challenges and developing amazing solutions.


The buzz surrounding this really is amazing. I recently saw data showing India is now the third largest tech start-up hub in the world… with a stunning 21 start-ups already hitting the billion-dollar valuation.


The growth of the sector is mind blowing. In just the first four months into 2021 alone another SEVEN firms have reached the coveted “ unicorn” status of a billion-dollar valuation

This innovation boom is now attracting the attention of the rest of the world. Funding is pouring in from abroad as investors realise India is going to be one of the global leaders in new start-ups.

Google recently announced a $10 billion fund to invest in India.

Famous VC firm Antler deployed $100 million to Indian start-ups.

And, foreign direct investment into India jumped 18 percent to $73 billion in FY20.

On top of all this, all of the major international economic agencies and think-tanks believe India will be the fastest growing economy in the foreseeable future.


It sounds like Silicon Valley back in 1970 when American innovation was at its zenith and companies like Apple, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and more were all founded.

Now, you're saying it's India's turn?


There's no doubt in my mind. I believe this will be the most important story of the next 5-10 years.

Just take a look at a small fraction of the start-ups that are receiving huge cash injections from investors both home and abroad.

Each of these exciting new start-ups has the potential to turn a small stake into windfall profits. Just take a look at the returns of some famous American start-ups.

Apple returned early investors 38,951%


Microsoft handed early investors 35,216%


Amazon delivered investors 61,525%



You're saying investing in just one of these companies alone could have turned you into a croreepati if you invested early enough?


Yes! And believe it or not, the potential for many of India's new start-ups could eventually rival the size of some of America's most dominant tech firms.




I know it may be tough to believe, but yes. See, not only is our population larger by almost one BILLION people… as I showed you earlier, Indians are getting richer faster than residents of any other major economy.

The private wealth held by citizen rising spectacularly and expected to grow even faster in the next 10 years. As more and more India's are lifted from poverty, these start-ups… many of which are already worth billions… will continue to soar in value.

I've found what I believe to be the perfect way for you to invest into this booming sector… without making any high-risk gambles on start-up investing.


You're saying you can capture the upside without the downside?


You can never eliminate all the downside. That's just not possible. But yes, you can ride the multi-billion start-up dollar boom for potentially huge gains without the risks of investing in early stage companies.

I've identified a relatively under-valued blue chip company that is buying up shares in many of India's most exciting start-ups. And, as some of their start-up investments go on to become the next PayTM, OYO, and BYJU's…

With this bluechip stock, you get a backdoor entry into the lucrative world of start-ups and their unicorn size gains… without the high risk involved in speculating on new companies

Today, very few people in India know about this opportunity.

But as soon as the word spreads, you could see a massive rally in this blue chip stock.

My research shows this single stock could potentially return around 700% or more over the long term.

In just a moment, I'll tell you how to get the name of this company. But first, let me tell you about…

Mega-Trend #3 :
India's New Horizon

The third mega-trend is what I call India's New Horizon.

It is directly downstream from the first two mega-trends.

See, as our manufacturing sector and start-up industry roars to new heights, creating huge surges in GDP… India's landscape will be radically transformed…

…transformed from a rundown, poverty-stricken, undeveloped backwater to a modern metropolis that rivals any first world country.

Imagine, looking out your window and seeing sleek modern buildings… skyscrapers… gleaning towers of glass… paved roads and pavements… fresh water… clean air…


A new horizon…


Yes! You see, as India's economy explodes, our infrastructure will need to greatly expand to support the financial boom. Transport, communication, housing, bridges, dams and power all need to be overhauled.

The government is doing everything it can to support this.

With plans to spend US$ 1.4 trillion on infrastructure before 2023, the recently released Union Budget gave us a taste of where this money is flowing:

  • 1,69,637 crore has been set aside for transport infrastructure.
  • 38,637.45 crore has been earmarked for communication infrastructure.
  • 72,216 crore has been allocated for the development of railways.
  • 50,040 crore will be directed to the Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs.

What does this mean for our viewers though, Tanushree?


It means we'll see a total rebirth of India.

Our cities and towns will be transformed… the country will be modernized with new railways, bridges, inland waterways, gas pipelines, schools… the list goes on and on and it impacts every Indian from all walks of life.

In short, we're going to be catapulted into the 21st century… into a developed nation. And, the companies at the heart of this infrastructure boom will skyrocket in value as the Government gives them a near-endless supply of projects.

See, if you can identify the stocks set to benefit from this near-endless supply of government money and backing, you can make a fortune. Just take a look at how rich investors could have got by backing Government contractors in other countries…

Lockheed Martin is up 4,446% in just three decades.


Raytheon is up 3,478%


Jacobs Engineering Group is up 8,527%


I could give you dozens of other examples, Rahul. I'm sure you get the point though…


…when private firms get Government contracts they surge in price.


Exactly! It's why I'm so bullish on infrastructure stocks here in India. With the Government promising to spend trillions on infrastructure, I believe certain companies will find their share price surging.

And, I've identified what I believe is the number one horse to back.

Twenty years ago this was a tiny company nobody cared about. But today it has become a multi-billion-dollar behemoth and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Power plants, roads, bridges… this company has expertise to execute all such infrastructure projects.

This company's stock has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. But this is just the beginning. Because over the coming decade, there is going to be massive spending on infrastructure in India.

$1.4 trillion is already planned over the next 5 years.

And I'm not even counting trillions of dollars worth from the global market.

The next phase of rapid growth for this company is just about to begin. And, I believe, this single stock could potentially offer you around 900% return over the long term.


And you'll share how to get the name of this company with our viewers today, right?


That's right. But remember it's not just about the money you could potentially make.

Because each of these mega-trends also benefits every Indian. When you invest into these three forces fuelling the rebirth of India... you're doing your part to make Indian great again.


Okay, this all sounds rather remarkable. I can see how the convergence of these mega-trends will trigger a historic boom for India and trigger a windfall of wealth for investors.

However, what I want to know is… if this rebirth is going to fuel such an economic boom across the board… why wouldn't I just put all my money into the Sensex or Nifty?


Great question.

And frankly, that's not a bad idea. As I showed you today, almost the entire Indian economy will be lifted-up by this rebirth of our country. So, if you're happy growing your money a few percent per year, you may want to do this.

However, if you're looking to multiply your profit potential several fold and go for returns of 1,200% or more from this rebirth of India, you can't simply invest in the Sensex or Nifty.

You see, while dozens of companies will benefit in one way or another from India's soon-to-be booming economy, only a select few will deliver truly exceptional gains to investors.

Only a few have the potential to make you rich.

Take a look at what happened after America Great Depression.

As the American rebirth started, it impacted almost everyone in one way or another. However, for certain companies it was an inflection point that put them on the path to becoming global behemoths.






Well, India’s rebirth post Covid-19 is expected to have a similar multiplier effect on a select group of stocks. Stocks that will surge ahead of all others in the years to come, making early investors rich beyond belief


I see why you called this the most important message of your career and why you're urging every Indian to get involved.


It's a true once in a lifetime opportunity. Any of these mega-trends on its own would be exciting enough. Any mega-trend alone could create billions of dollars, countless new jobs and sectors, and fuel massive infrastructure spending.

But now for the first time ever…

These three mega-trends are converging

Individually, each of them represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, when they're combined, the results will be exponentially greater. You see, each of the mega-trends fuel one and other, converging to create an imminent economic boom of unprecedented proportions...

A multi-trillion dollar resurgence that will not just revive the Indian economy... but send it surging to new heights.

As investing legend Rakesh Jhunjhunwala says:

“We are just at the start of what is going to be a very long bull market.”

And I believe if you invest into the rebirth of India, you could potentially generate windfall wealth for you and your family in the long term - regardless of your current status or experience in the markets.

I'm talking about the type of wealth that could give you the freedom to join the new class of Indians who're living life to the fullest… free from the demands of a job, free to spend money on what they like, free to provide their family.


So how can our viewers get involved? You said you have the details of several stocks to share with us today?


That's right.

I have three “Rebirth Stocks” to share with you

Each of them rides one of the three mega-trends discussed today…


India's New Silk Road… The New Silicon Valley… and India's New Horizon…


Exactly. Each of the companies are, in my opinion, the perfect balance of profit potential and risk mitigation in that sector.

Over the next several months and years as this rebirth of India takes place, I believe you could potentially see returns of 1,000% or more in the long term.

It's the same story over and over.

In times of great upheaval, fortunes are made by those who take decisive action and by those get in ahead of the masses.

Now, I believe we're on the cusp of perhaps the greatest disruption in the global economic map in 100 years. India is rising from the ashes and is on the path to becoming a juggernaut that competes with China and the US.


This isn't speculation either. The numbers back this up with the RBI showing the economy is experiencing a “ Phoenix-like” rebirth… and India proving to be one of the only countries seeing a “V-shaped” recovery.

But as you say Tanushree, this is just the beginning. Fuelled by the convergence of these three mega-trends, we're about to witness a once in a lifetime rebirth of India that'll make some people very wealthy.


And I want you and those watching at home to grab their fair share of this windfall too.

Which is why I’m giving everyone watching a free copy of my brand new roadmap:

India's Great Revival
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As I've been telling you…

Thanks to the rebirth of India, our country will go under a massive revival that'll change the entire landscape of our economy…

Countless new jobs would be created… towns and cities will transform… business will boom…

And inside this special report…

You'll get an even more in-depth walkthrough and analysis of this massive revival…

I'll show you exactly what's unfolding... what to expect in the coming weeks and months... and how you can best capitalise on it. It's all written in a clear, easy-to-follow way, you don't need to be a professional investor to understand this report.

Plus, I'll give you the details of the three rebirth stocks in this report. I'm urging you to snatch up while they're still relatively undervalued.

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And folks, in just a moment, I'll tell you how to claim your free copy of Tanushree's urgent new report.

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Many stock brokers have painted rosy pictures of these 3 stocks.

Let me share some information about these stocks.

The first company sells highly addictive products. I'm sure many people in India would be die-hard fans of its products.

Many stock brokers are peddling hyper growth in this category. So, it is no wonder that investors have poured thousands of crores into this well-known company.

But don't get carried away by all the bullish sentiment around it. There is a huge disconnect between the fundamentals and valuation of this company.

If you are holding this stock in your portfolio, then you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could do severe damage to your wealth. I have written at length about this stock in my special report, '3 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now'

The second company is a one of the largest energy companies in India. My team and I have spent numerous hours analyzing the financials of this company. And trust me, they are stinking bad.

I would recommend you hit SELL on this stock immediately. Those who wait could see their wealth getting wiped out in a possibly steep market crash.

And the third company is a well-known FMCG company. It's stock is trading at sky high prices. But most regular investors have no idea about the real business situation of this company.

If this stock falls, it will fall like a rock. You won’t even get the chance to exit.

Inside my special report, you'll discover the names of these stocks and why I believe their downfall is imminent.

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I read this report yesterday and I've got to say Tanushree, some of the big companies you've identified are stunning. But, after reading your analysis it's clear that the rebirth of India could cause their downfall.

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How much could I make if you're right?

See, we're not financial advisors. We're an independent stock research firm. We do not guarantee any returns. And if someone guarantees you any kind of return in stock market, you should be suspicious.

What we can certainly guarantee you is our 100% commitment to guide you in finding the best stocks that have the highest chance of generating best possible returns in the next 3-5 years.

How are the returns calculated?

The returns mentioned here are calculated as the % difference between the price on the date of closure of the recommendation and the price on the date of the recommendation. Details of the calculation are as below:

Do note that past performance is no guarantee for future results.

How do you define the term 'dollar millionaire'?

For the purpose of this presentation, the term 'dollar millionaire' means someone with wealth of Rs 7 crore.

How much could I lose if you're wrong?

No investment strategy is 100% safe. And you should not invest anything more than you could afford to lose. With that being said, you should talk to your financial advisor regarding asset allocation and appropriate risk profile.

Please remember that despite doing all the hard work we do every day, sometimes even we go wrong.

For example We recommended Wockhardt Ltd in 2013 that ended up going down 67%.

Then, there’s Petronet LNG we recommended in 2011 which did not meet out returns expectations and went down 31%.

Having said that, the overall success ratio of StockSelect is 73.4% for all closed positions between January 2002 and December 2020.

Which means, 7 out of every 10 closed recommendations have hit their mark in the past.

Can I really try this out for 30 days?

Yes, you can! In fact we encourage you to do that right now. Just check all our past issues, current open recommendations, and read all special reports at your own leisure time. If in 30 days, you're not absolutely thrilled, then simply contact us on the 31st day, and we'll refund 100% of your subscription fee right away. Of course, you get to keep whatever you have read and downloaded. That's our way of thanking you of giving us a try.

Does StockSelect genuinely only cost Rs 2,950 per year? And how can you make it so cheap?!

Yes, for a very limited time, we've decided to price it for only Rs 2,950/year. The reason we make it so cheap is because we want as many people as possible to access our research.

Since 1996, we have been guiding hundreds of thousands of readers like you with our unbiased stock research. And we want to do the same for many years to come.

How difficult will it be for me to act on a StockSelect recommendation?

It's not difficult at all. There is no technical analysis that you'll have to perform. All you need to know is the specific play, and when to get in and when to get out. We will do all the hard work for you. Each stock alert will tell you exactly what to do. You just have to decide whether you want to follow what we recommend!

his sounds like a “get rich quick scheme” to me are you for real?

This is NOT a “get rich quick” gimmick. Equitymaster, is in the business of sharing ideas and actionable research that can help you thrive in any type of market. And we've been doing this since 1996. If we published foolish or dishonest material we'd be out of business by now.

Can anyone really do this? Even me?

YES, anyone can learn to do this. Why? Because we designed this research service especially for readers like YOU. That is, a regular Indian who wants to improve their financial circumstances, now have a very realistic chance to do that without taking ANY unnecessary risks.

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