Cement Sector - Products

  • Limestone
    India produces 11 different varieties of cement. The major types of cement manufactured in India are:

  • Portland (grey) cement
    This is produced entirely from clinker and gypsum. It is the most common type of cement.

  • Slag cement
    This cheaper to produce as it uses less clinker. Slag cement uses 50% slag - a waste product of steel plants and only 45% clinker. As a result it is possible to produce twice the amount of cement at almost the same cost.

  • Pozzolana cement
    It is made up of 25% pozzolana and 20% fly ash. It is also cheaper to produce as it uses less clinker.

  • White cement
    There is a negligible amount of white cement produced in the country, mainly because it is almost three times more expensive than grey cement. It is mainly used as a filler between ceramic tiles or for decorative purposes. Since more control is required for its raw materials, the ash content in cement has to be negligible. As the coal available in India has high ash content, gas has to be used as a fuel in the manufacture of white cement.

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