Get the Equitymaster Research Advantage to stay ahead in the stock market
Equitymaster offers value-added research through Research Reports and StockSelect on a subscription basis. Read on to see why Equitymaster Research can work for you.

  • Equitymaster is owned by Quantum Information Services Limited.
  • Quantum - founded by Ajit Dayal, one of India’s most well known equity analyst and fund manager.
  • Ajit set the stage for the entry of FIIs into India. This company has evolved from that pedigree.
  • Ajit is now a fund manager based in USA but continues to provide strategic inputs to our company.
  • Read more about: Quantum | Ajit Dayal

  • We know the business - In all the noise very few research houses have advised in line with the time-tested way to make money in stocks – long term investing.

  • Proven track record - We have over the years managed to establish a tremendous amount of credibility and trust. We have achieved this by providing in-depth, insightful, accurate, timely, actionable and unbiased information (not data).

  • A fresh perspective - We provide an unique global perspective relative to Indian companies in every research report.

  • Backed by numbers - We back our analysis with a 5-year forward projections with a greater emphasis on cash flows.

  • Value Investing - The way to wealth is to estimate a fair value of a stock and invest when the share price is below its intrinsic value. We combine our understanding of macro-economic factors and experience to enable customers take informed investment decisions.

  • Substance, not Noise - In an age where the investor is overwhelmed with information, we provide meaningful, in-depth and value-added analysis that can be acted on, because “information (not data) is power”.

  • Quantum - India’s first equity research house. - We pioneered the concept of research in India when others were still talking about it.

  • - India’s first financial web site - Equitymaster is one of India’s most popular and more importantly, most trusted financial web site.

  • The Stock Market Yearbook - India’s first published source of information on companies - The Stock Market Yearbook on India’s top 100 companies serves as a ready reckoner for investment analysts and decision makers.

  • Ranked as one of the top 150 web sites globally by Forbes Global (Mar, 2000).
  • Voted among the best financial web sites in India by Business India-Web 50 (Sep 2000).
  • Ranked as among the top five ‘Banking and Finance’ Indian web sites by Digit (Nov 2001).