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DeriVantage is our online course in Derivatives Trading - Currencies, Commodities and the Stock Market. It teaches you how to create your own trading strategy and pick up winning trades so you can earn regular double-triple digit returns.

Here's what our subscribers say about DeriVantage:

What I like about Equitymaster is their indepth analysis and thought out process in their recommendations which leaves no doubt in the mind of the investor. Have given the investor under one roof all the investing needs from equity, debt, Gold & derivative trading. You do not need to look at anywhere to get anything more for value investing.

- Dinyar Edulji, Mumbai

Please never give in to company pressures.
It is this unique and honest opinion of your team which makes me continue to have trust in your team.
Hence exemplifying the qualities of integrity as well.
Kudos to your management and company objectives.

- Franklin Antony, Trichur

DeriVantage course
Dear Asad, I learnt lot of economic concepts, market factors and behavior, investment strategies etc the list is endless. I have been transformed a lot and will reevaluate my portfolio and take appropriate decisions on my current and future investment. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was eager to get the new lesson.
Thanks to Asad and Equity Master for providing this wonderful course!

- Palanisamy Thangaraju, Tirupur

Very good Sessions
Enjoying the learning through these sessions. These lessons are truly an eye opener for a person like me and very convenient as I can learn at my own free time. Asad your diction is lucid .The slides are brief and concise, but it would be nice if you could make annotations on the graphs, marking the axis for profits (loss) and asset price (Lecture 2 & 3). Thanks again for this lovely initiative taken up by you and truly admire your efforts in doing your best for a wanna be investor like me.

- Aarina Alphonso, Goa

Good Intro
It was a nice session on introduction to Derivatives. I'm new to this subject and look forward to further guidance to enter and benefit from this market. Thank you.


Derivantage Initiative
Good session ! It always pays to build strong foundation and after attending this session I am confident that it will help to do the same for all future trading decisions.

- Sachin Deshpande, Mumbai

Nice orientation
Very well structured slides and voiceover. Few people here may already have a prior knowledge of concepts mentioned here. Still the course contents look promising for new and old investors as the course matures.

- Ninad Deshpande, Mumbai

Great News!!
Many thanks for thinking about your subscribers 24/7 and doing your best to make DeriVantage an ultimate learning experience. Hats off to your team and all those who got involved in this process and Assad Dossani in particular for sharing his knowledge with us to make our days brighter. To be honest with you, I am of course far behind in my studies due to my work commitments, but I will no longer consider it as an excuse and will catch up fast with the wounderful things you have made available so far for DeriVantage. All the best to yourself and your wonderful team of committed professionals for continued progress in life and everything that you do.

- Unnikrishnan Odatmalayil, UAE

Would you like to try DeriVantage? We offer a No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee on subscription. More details about the service are available here. Or if you have any queries, just write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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