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TradeMaster is our online course on Technical Analysis. It teaches you how to read charts, identify market trends early, and create your own investment strategy to pick the Right Trade at the Right Time at the Right Price.

Here's what our subscribers say about Trademaster:

"What I like about Equitymaster is their indepth analysis and thought out process in their recommendations which leaves no doubt in the mind of the investor. Have given the investor under one roof all the investing needs from equity, debt, Gold & derivative trading. You do not need to look at anywhere to get anything more for value investing."

- Dinyar Edulji, Mumbai

"Please never give in to company pressures.
It is this unique and honest opinion of your team which makes me continue to have trust in your team.
Hence exemplifying the qualities of integrity as well.
Kudos to your management and company objectives."

- Franklin Antony, Trichur

"Equitymaster always talks honestly to its subscribers, always focusing on teaching them and encouraging them to make proper informed decisions. All its actions are directed towards protecting the interests of the small investor like me. Many thanks and keep it up."

- Pronob Chatterji, Bhopal

"Equitymaster is not only long term Investment but now already works for Technicals and Derivatives learning and Guides for all Investors. Simple language and case studies which is very well understood and followed by investors."

- Anup Kumar Patel, Mumbai

"Dear Mr. Asad,

It was an eye opener what I learnt from Derivantage and Trademaster courses. I was active as long term investor in the market for many years. I understood my mistakes (reasons for losses) and definitely take knowledgeable precautions to reduce risks in future investment. Apart from the benefit of knowledgeable investment, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Though it was distant education, it was like a class room lessons with the convenience of choosing the right time to take a lesson. The delivery technology was overall very good.

Thank you Mr.Asad.

Thank you Equity Master for providing a platform for such courses."

- Palanisamy Thangaraju, Tirupur

"Dear Mr. Asad, I have improved my trading very well after learning from TradeMaster. Thanks for your excellent and easy-to-understand lectures."

- Mr Nasrudeen H, Trichirapalli

"Equitymaster is a great site for everybody (beginners and professionals) who are in the business of stocks. I have learnt a lot from it and earned even up to 200 %. Let us be rationale and follow Equitymaster and hence Warren Buffet."

- Dr Muralidhara Y.K., Mangalore

"I am Dr. Ajmera a practicing physician at Rajkot. I am a life member of Equitymaster since about 3 years. When I received the offer for TradeMaster, I immediately accepted. During my busy schedule of practice when I am free I just log in to Equitymaster and listen to your lectures. Your presentation is just excellent. Your command over the subject is also excellent. Now when I learn the subject properly I am planning to start swing trading. Thanks again and God bless you."

- Dr. C V Ajmera, Rajkot

"Very good Sessions
Yes I liked the sessions, it was a good beginning..."

- Kishor Gokhale, Mumbai

"Dear Sirs,
I am really happy for having subscribed to the TradeMaster learning service. The course is well structured and the way Mr. Asad delivers each module is quite impressive and easy to understand."

- Nasruddin, Trichirapalli

Would you like to try Trademaster? We offer a No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee on subscription. More details about the service are available here. Or if you have any queries, just write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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