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ValuePro (Long Term Investing Research) - Reviews

Equitymaster subscribers review our Buffett style recommendation service, ValuePro...

I have just read with interest 'Has waiting cost you a lot'. I am new to investing in equities and so I first of all took your course 'Equitymaster Secrets' and subscribed to many of your services. I read and analysed your recommendations and reports and then took the responsibility of making the decision of what I would invest in. Since starting to invest on 5th September 2013 and my last investment was on 21 May 2014 I have made over 65% gains overall, more than doubling the sensex and nifty. And who do I have to thank, Equitymaster of course, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. I have made mistakes, on a couple of occasions I didn't take the plunge when I should have, I listened to my broker to sell some shares and I am sure I will make some mistakes in the future but with Equitymaster to guide me they will not be many. Thank you so much, best wishes.

- Norwyn Cole, Tamil Nadu

What I like about Equitymaster is their indepth analysis and thought out process in their recommendations which leaves no doubt in the mind of the investor. Have given the investor under one roof all the investing needs from equity, debt, Gold & derivative trading. You do not need to look at anywhere to get anything more for value investing.

- Dinyar Edulji, Mumbai

I have been a customer of Equitymaster since 2003 and have been very happy & satisfied with their services, commitment and passion to give value to their customers.

- Ramachandran Venkataraman, Bangalore

Very good unbiased recommendations. All the reports of recommendations are in depth and very good. Overall when one see the site one can easily understand the fundamentals of investing. Very useful. The main thing is equitymaster can be trusted. Overall my experience has been very good.

- Raghunathan Srinivasan, Mumbai

I am very satisfied with the services offered by Equitymaster. If I have to pick one very positive thing than that would be unbiased recommendations on stocks. The new tool of valuation using ERM is very helpful.

If I can ask for one specific intervention or better service, it would be when should one really book the loss, if we get some sort of an alert to really act on sharp declines that would be helpful to us.

- Parthiban A, Bangalore

I am member of Equitymaster since 2008. Time & again they have provided unbiased reports in all market conditions. Their reports always ensure that we investors take an informed decision with rationale thinking rather than being swayed away with the market sentiments.

- Shailesh Mistry, Bangalore

Please never give in to company pressures.
It is this unique and honest opinion of your team which makes me continue to have trust in your team.
Hence exemplifying the qualities of integrity as well.
Kudos to your management and company objectives.

- Franklin Antony, Trichur

The views expressed by Equitymaster is unbiased and without fear or favour. India needs more of such persons now more than ever and it is our duty to support the tasks undertaken them. I wish all the very best and pledge my continued support at this juncture.

- Chellapa K N, Kuala Lumpur

I have made my money by following Equitymaster.

- Mohammed Yahyabhoy, Mumbai

I have been subscriber to 5 minutes Wrapup, Valuepro, midcap recommendation. My experience with Equitymaster is extremely rewarding, satisfying and profitable.

What I like about Equitymaster is its' honest views on all the subjects and linking it to investment to various asset class which a "normal" investor would like to know about.

I have almost 95% success rate of their recommendation. Balance 5% is not failure, it is just a matter of some more time to wait.

NIIT TECH is classic example, it could not move for almost 1year after their recommendation but eventually patience is rewarded and faith on their recommendation is vindicated.

Your unbiased and MANAGEMENT specific analysis is excellent, I believe Equitymaster believes investment is ART AND SCIENCE both and they adhere to that requirement of both while recommending.


- Hemant H Shah, Mumbai

Equitymaster always talks honestly to its subscribers, always focusing on teaching them and encouraging them to make proper informed decisions. All its actions are directed towards protecting the interests of the small investor like me. Many thanks and keep it up.

- Pronob Chatterji, Bhopal

I value the research provided by Equitymaster and it helps in my decision making as they also follow value investing.

- Abhay Bhagat, Mumbai

Very conservative and unbiased views. Very good for long term investments.

- Sadashiv Rege, Mumbai

Have been reading Equitymaster since early 2000. They have grown a lot and I have seen maturity in their analysis.

To understand Equitymaster's real approach towards wealth generation one has be give them at least 3 years.

If possible Subscribe to all of their services and become a real takes time...there is no short cut in equity market.

- Vipin Chauhan, Delhi

Equitymaster helps you to be an educated investor. With the uncertainties in the economy in India and Globally we get the indicators through Equitymaster. I am sure there are many who would be getting benefited by it. I am one of them. Also it is good to improvise on regular basis, which in my opinion Equitymaster is doing.

- Sunil Gondhali, Pune

Equitymaster is a great site for everybody (beginners and professionals) who are in the business of stocks. I have learnt a lot from it and earned even up to 200 %. Let us be rationale and follow Equitymaster and hence Warren Buffet.

- Dr Muralidhara Y.K., Mangalore

Until last year I was skeptical in spending money to avail financial services. Somehow, I did not trust anyone after 2008 crash. But then I decided to take the services of Equitymaster for two reasons:

Firstly, there are not just "BUY" recommendations. Subscribers are also advised when to Sell. It takes guts to advise readers to sell the stock for which buy was recommended, even if it means selling on loss. This speaks a lot about the commitment of Equitymaster towards the financial well-being of its readers and subscribers.

Secondly, for every service that you offer, there is also an advice on who should really take this service. This shows the commitment of Equitymaster towards giving best services to its readers.

And today after subscribing for StockSelect, Hidden Treasure and ValuePro I don't regret the decision to avail financial services from Equitymaster. I now have a healthy portfolio and am confident that I will achieve my financial goals in due time.

- Gaurav Srivastava, Pune

Like any other retail investor I too was having all diseases like trading based on SMS-Broker-Internet-Friends Tips, 100+ stocks portfolio, momentum stock picking, seating in front of CNBC for whole day and above all listening to so called all animals seriously, whom we known as self declared stock Analyst. And Yes I was making losses too.

Now, I am very thankful to EquityMaster for such an Innovative product, ValuePro, which transformed my investment life. Only now I understand true meaning of one of commandment of Investing, that is: "Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.

- Rahul Kumar Paliwal, Pune

Thank you equity master for providing such a quality & in-depth stock analysis. Although, I have been subscriber only since January 2010, I am already sitting on some decent profit on the basis of your recommendations.

What led me to subscribe to all of your services is the quality of the research reports and so getting an opportunity to be a subscriber for life was not the one supposed to be missed. Getting all the financial ratios, outlook on management, industry as well as the risk / reward involved has been great. Add to it, quarterly reviews of recommendations, and you cannot ask for more.

I do not think any company would entertain individuals like me, who want to do own analysis, with details of their future growth & prospects. That is where equity master gives value for money by visiting the company and speaking with management.

ResearchPro has been bang on target with sectoral and company reports and with ValuePro, it feels great that I am investing in companies to which equity master has applied Warren Buffet's principles and that Buffet himself would had happily invested in them.

- Parag Shah, Mumbai

Equitymaster has made me more and more richer every year since my association with them. It has given me more wealth than my professional career. Convey my best wishes to all 52 members at Equity Master.

- Dr C V Ajmera, Rajkot

First of all I would like to appreciate the stock selection mechanism of Equitymaster. I am a subscriber of Equitymaster since 2009. Also enjoying handsome returns since then. I made this decision of joining Equitymaster in one of the tough phases in my life and fully got paid for the right decision. I am happy investor and proud to be associated with Equitymaster. I encourage the Mid community of retail investors to join such an advisory services to be active participants in Indian Stock Markets and NOT to run after quick money.

- Pankaj Deshkar, Pune

I really thank you for starting something like Equitymaster and I feel I am really late in being associated with you. I would have been saved from lots of mistakes ....but well ...certain things take place only when they are destined to.

- Nishank Mehta, Mumbai

Would you like to try ValuePro? We offer a No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee on subscription. More details about the service are available here. Or if you have any queries, just write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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