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Will Bitcoins Be Your Rs 20 crore Lottery Phone Call?

Jan 12, 2018

Rahul Shah, Editor, Smart Contrarian

He was stunned enough to refuse to believe it.

An innocent looking lottery ticket he was sitting on - bought last Sunday at Abu Dhabi international airport with little expectation - had turned out to be the golden ticket. His prize money? Over Rs 20 crore.

This Kerala-based man dismissed as prank the first couple of calls informing him of this. It took much more than phone calls for him to believe that the little money he'd put in to buy the ticket had fetched such a princely sum.

Though not a like-to-like comparison by any means, a whole bunch of people having a similar experience lately have been cryptocurrency investors. Worth next to nothing just a couple of years back, they've turned in a vast fortune for many.

And of course, the reason for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin's meteoric rise is quite different from a lottery system.

It delivers a ton of benefits over paper money, and many around the world are just beginning to realise this, propelling its rise in value. But that's for another time.

Today I want to try and give you a glimpse of the answer to a simple question - How much potential do cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins have to rise further?

Some outrageous predictions (latest suggests bitcoin at US$ 1,500,000 in next three years) may come true in future. Or then, the bubble may burst. Who knows, right?

The thing is - If you are willing to bet a little money (only what you can afford to lose - assuming the worst case), the ride might be worth it.


Cryptocurrency expert Tama Churchouse might have the answer.

Tama recently met a handful of other Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires at a secret event.

The truth is, as much as 95% of the 1,000+ cryptos that exist right now are complete garbage. It's just a matter of time before they go to zero.

But because of Tama's involvement with the most influential insiders in the cryptocurrency community, he knows not only which cryptos have genuine staying power, but also which ones could realistically make someone 5, 10, even as much as 55 times his money or more.

Imagine if you too could join these insiders. If you already know which cryptocurrencies are going to have limited supply but limitless demand, which cryptocurrencies are going to solve real-world problems, and the amazing Blockchain technology behind these cryptos.

Then mind boggling returns could be yours for the taking.

But with their recent exponential rise, perhaps you're wondering if you've missed the boat?

Is it too late to make money from cryptocurrencies?

If you read the newspapers or listen to pundits on TV, you might think so...

But when you speak to experts, insiders like Tama, who actually know what they're talking about, you might make the happy discovery that the cryptocurrency party has only just started.

Happy investing,

Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah (Research Analyst)
Editor, Smart Contrarian

Editor's Note: If you want the inside track on bitcoin, you can get it. Hundreds of our readers are on the inside now, and better off for it. Join them here.

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