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For Big Returns, You Gotta Make 'Smart Contrarian' Decisions

Sep 20, 2017

Rahul Shah, Editor, Smart Contrarian

In my last letter I wrote to you about my new initiative, the Smart Contrarian.

The Smart Contrarian is a free newsletter that you will get three times a week, absolutely free.

More importantly, it is the high-risk, high-reward investment newsletter. Being contrarian can get you consistent, market-crushing returns from the stock market.

As Sir John Templeton, of Franklin Templeton, famously said:

  • 'If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.'

But I also warned you that going in the opposite direction just because it is the opposite, is not always the smart thing to do.

Blindly going in any direction - whether left or right - is simply going to get you lost.

To be safe AND profitable, you have to be a smart contrarian - not a simple one.

What's the difference?

  • A simple contrarian may struggle to differentiate between value and price. But a Smart Contrarian knows price is rarely an accurate measure of value.
  • A simple contrarian, will likely never touch an overpriced stock. A Smart Contrarian weighs valuations against growth prospects and doesn't mind buying an overpriced stock if its growth prospects are great.
  • A simple contrarian may want to stay invested at all times for fear of missing out on big stock market movements. A Smart Contrarian also wants to remain invested, but will vary his allocation based on how cheap or expensive the broader markets are.

These are just some of the differences.

I could go on. But I think you get the drift. A Smart Contrarian rigs the game of investing in his favour as much as possible.

A Smart Contrarian positions himself for maximum gains during a bull market and loss prevention during a bear market.

My mission with this newsletter is to provide you with the tools and techniques to build your wealth through great long-term returns.

To make sure this happens, I have put together a team of brilliant editors and researchers, to bring you...

  • Regular assessments of the market indices. And what they mean for your portfolios...

    No one rings bells at market tops and bottoms. Not least the mainstream media. In fact, their interests lie more in perpetuating a trend than contradicting it.

    But not us. We won't hesitate to jump into the belfry and ring the bell loud and firm if required. We will tell you exactly when markets appear overheated to us and when they appear cheap, so you can adjust your allocation accordingly.

  • Exactly what is going on in the local, and global, financial markets. And what to do about it...

    The business world is more dynamic than ever. It is essential we stay up to speed, lest we risk creating a huge hole in our portfolio or missing out on some great profit-making opportunity.

  • How to find the small cap with the greatest upside potential. And avoid the duds...

    With a history of recommending multibaggers like...

    • Page Industries, 5,129% in 8.6 years
    • eClerx, 2,547% in 8.4 years
    • Balkrishna Industries, 1,058% in 7 years
    • City Union Bank, 489% in 6.7 years
    • and Can Fin Homes, 330% in 2 years

    ...our small cap team knows a thing or two about top-notch small caps. You will hear from them regularly as they teach you what they look for in world-class small companies.

  • Wisdom from the investing greats. And how their time-tested ideas can impact your wallet...

    Like Newton, we strive to see further by 'standing on the shoulders of giants'. And the investing world has plenty of them.

    Every now and then, we will share with you lessons from the greatest investors of all time. Their process, how they keep the noise out, their preferred metrics for stock evaluation, mental tricks, etc. We will cover it all to help you build a strong investing toolkit.

Don't Just be a Smart Contrarian

That is not all. We'll cover a lot more ground as we help you build everlasting wealth by investing in the most lucrative yet overlooked segment of the stock market.

In fact, I want you very soon to meet our in-house small cap expert, Richa Agarwal.

Richa's the rising star whose keen intuition combines with diligent boots-on-the-ground-research to give thousands of our research some of our biggest money-making recommendations. And when she tells you how she does it... I swear a light will go off in your head.

Looks like I've built huge expectations. I sure have my work cut out for me.

So I'll tell you can help too.

You can write to me and tell me what you think...what you need. Your frank, critical feedback is invaluable. Tell me what you like, what you don't like. And ask me anything! The more we communicate, the more successful this effort will be.

Once again, welcome to Smart Contrarian.

Warm Regards,

Rahul Shah
Editor, Smart Contrarian

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Sep 20, 2017

Having missed the Bus so many times or got out of the bus before it picks up the speed, I look back to my actions more in REGRET rather than satisfaction. Wish your letter should make people like me Smart and regret a lot less. Looking forward to your letters.

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Equitymaster requests your view! Post a comment on "For Big Returns, You Gotta Make 'Smart Contrarian' Decisions". Click here!