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Best Manufacturing Stocks in India

The manufacturing sector in India is enormous encompassing many different sub-sectors.

Manufacturing stocks in India are likely to see growth due to government initiatives aimed at promoting the country as a global manufacturing hub and boosting growth of domestic industries.

Here's a list of best manufacturing stocks in India. These stocks can create wealth from India's capex manufacturing cycle.

(Rs m)
(Curr FY, x)
(Latest, %)
(Latest, %)
Dividend Yield
AUTOMOTIVE AXLES2,310.918.934,9220.016.021.3%28.9%1.4%
DIXON TECHNOLOGIES5,949.7116.1355,7830.141.620.1%28.9%0.1%
GOKALDAS EXPORTS956.840.358,0280.09.420.1%26.4%0.1%
PG ELECTROPLAST2,349.461.161,1411.424.319.8%23.6%0.0%
MINDA CORPORATION366.430.987,5990.316.218.6%19.4%0.3%
MONTE CARLO697.913.414,4690.37.417.1%25.5%2.9%
LUMAX AUTO TECHNO390.022.326,5780.813.616.8%15.5%1.2%
ADF FOODS214.036.623,5050.020.113.3%18.6%0.1%
ALICON CASTALLOY841.527.513,5570.614.710.5%15.7%0.7%
AMBER ENTERPRISES INDIA3,128.064.2105,3940.821.28.8%13.1%0.0%
BHARAT FORGE1,156.881.3538,5931.037.07.6%13.3%0.6%
AYM SYNTEX 68.3NM3,4560.611.91.7%8.2%0.0%
TEJAS NETWORKS811.5NM137,9380.0-329.3NM-0.9%0.0%
HIMATSINGKA SEIDE162.919.416,0341.917.9NM6.2%0.0%
GINNI FILAM.34.9NM2,9920.9-132.3NM-0.9%0.0%

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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Which are the top manufacturing companies in India?

As per Equitymaster's Stock Screener, here is a list of top manufacturing companies in India right now...

These companies have been ranked as per their PE (Price to Earnings) ratio. Generally, speaking, high PE stocks are considered to be expensive. And low PE stocks are said to be cheap.

Of course, there are other parameters you should take into account before forming a hard opinion on the stock valuation.

How should you value manufacturing companies?

Investing in stocks requires careful analysis of financial data to find out a company's true worth. However, an easier way to find out about a company's performance is to look at its financial ratios.

Two commonly used financial ratios used in the valuation of stocks are -

Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E) - It compares the company's stock price with its earnings per share. The higher the P/E ratio, the more expensive the stock.

Price to Book Value Ratio (P/BV) - It compares a firm's market capitalization to its book value. A high P/BV indicates markets believe the company's assets to be undervalued and vice versa.

Where can I find a list of manufacturing stocks?

The details of listed manufacturing companies can be found on the NSE and BSE website.

For a curated list you can check out our list of manufacturing stocks.

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