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FII Increasing Stake for 4 Consecutive Quarters

These stocks have seen massive response from foreign institutional investors (FIIs) as they have consistently increased their stake over the past four quarters.

FII Holdings
(Latest Qtr, %)
FII Holdings
(3 Qtrs Prev, %)
Chg in FII Holding
(4 Qtrs, %)
(Rs m)
Oper. Profit Margin
(1 Yr, %)
(Latest, %)
(Curr FY, x)
FIVE STAR BUSINESS733.850.2%6.5%43.7%15,20953.5%14.1%1.0
SONA BLW PRECISION FORGINGS561.533.4%11.3%22.1%26,75625.9%17.3%0.1
HDFC BANK1,555.552.1%32.1%20.0%1,707,54124.3%16.0%7.4
TITAGARH WAGONS979.016.9%5.3%11.6%27,7969.0%14.0%0.3
CMS INFO SYSTEMS399.823.8%12.5%11.3%19,14725.6%19.5%0.0
JINDAL STAINLESS517.523.4%13.1%10.3%356,97010.2%17.5%0.3
MAX HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE652.060.4%50.1%10.2%45,62626.9%15.0%0.1
TD POWER276.310.1%1.6%8.5%8,72315.5%16.0%0.0
MEDPLUS HEALTH SERVICES793.312.4%3.9%8.4%45,5766.2%3.4%0.0
GRUH FINANCE16.118.7%10.5%8.3%83215.3%14.4%8.0
MAX FINANCIAL SERVICES1,020.851.5%44.8%6.7%313,8402.3%12.9%0.1
JINDAL SAW470.217.7%11.0%6.7%178,6788.8%5.6%0.6
SUPREME INDUSTRIES4,460.323.9%17.4%6.4%92,01614.7%19.7%0.0
CHENNAI PETROLEUM670.611.4%5.1%6.3%625,6119.1%54.5%0.7
MRS BECTORS FOOD1,218.99.1%2.9%6.2%13,62112.9%16.5%0.2
JSW ISPAT SP PROD39.08.9%3.0%5.9%60,6077.5%0.1%1.9
COMPUTER AGE MANAGEMENT SERVICES2,790.238.6%32.7%5.9%9,71843.3%39.0%0.0
SRIKALAHASTHI PIPES201.218.4%12.6%5.8%15,02612.0%7.0%0.3
HINDUSTAN AERO.2,462.212.6%7.1%5.5%269,27524.8%24.7%0.0
S CHAND AND COMPANY 257.75.8%0.5%5.3%6,10318.3%6.4%0.1
SUPERB PAPERS153.014.7%9.7%5.0%27911.3%25.3%0.1
DATA PATTERNS2,051.17.2%2.3%4.9%4,53537.9%10.6%0.0
CIGNITI TECHNOLOGIES1,140.26.3%1.6%4.7%16,47614.4%28.8%0.1

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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