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Fundamentally Strong Smallcap Stocks in India

Fundamentally strong stocks are those stocks that have a solid financial foundation, such as strong earnings growth, low debt-to-equity ratio, high return on equity, and a stable cash flow.

These stocks are considered to be good long-term investments as they have the potential to perform well even during economic downturns.

Here's a list of top fundamentally strong smallcap stocks in India.

(Latest, %)
(Curr FY, x)
(3 yrs, %)
(Latest, %)
(Rs m)
RADHA MADHAV1.7988.2%0.818.6%206.2988.2%5,336
RELIGARE ENT224.1169.6%0.4126.0%1,622.0154.2%46,765
SWADESHI POLYTEX108.4163.8%0.048.9%407.9132.1%443
KSOLVES INDIA342.6147.3%0.0200.8%329.0110.4%783
APUNKA INVEST COMM.267.892.2%0.769.7%529.457.8%3,715
GAGAN GASES18.083.5%0.029.9%2.162.5%22
REMEDIUM LIFECARE442.975.7%0.0164.4%71.752.4%5,098
WAAREE RENEWABLE TECH1,448.971.7%0.5505.0%837.565.6%3,510
ESAB INDIA5,882.770.2%0.024.4%1,868.752.1%11,044
NEXUS COMMODITIES8.565.2%0.043.9%2.248.4%16
DREAMFOLKS SERVICES555.464.1%0.029.9%989.247.4%7,733
SIGMA SOLVE312.963.1%0.1128.0%223.944.7%554
SHARE INDIA SECURITIES1,682.061.7%0.291.1%4,927.341.3%10,882
ADVANI HOTELS106.961.3%0.032.1%391.645.6%983
BRAND CONCEPTS50.860.4%0.971.1%212.336.4%1,632
BRAND CONCEPTS655.960.4%0.971.1%212.336.4%1,632
ACEWIN AGRITECK3.059.8%0.163.5%146.244.4%307
JYOTI RESINS1,579.458.0%0.080.3%606.343.8%2,613
WEST COAST PAPER MILLS653.257.2%0.138.6%16,421.942.2%49,208
TIMEX GROUP183.256.3%0.4119.3%383.176.9%3,835
FINE ORGANIC INDUSTRIES4,285.054.9%0.051.2%8,310.840.1%30,231
MAAN ALUMINIUN132.754.8%0.479.2%712.938.4%8,139
SKM EGG PRODUCTS389.453.6%0.5562.0%1,441.539.0%6,618
AVONMORE CAPITAL79.853.4%0.1162.7%1,413.844.3%2,113

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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