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Midcap Stocks with Consistently Rising Operating Margins

These mid-cap stocks demonstrate rising operating margins, and indicate that their ability to efficiently manage costs and generate higher profitability is what separates them.

Take a look at midcap stocks with consistently rising operating margins.

(Rs m)
(Latest, %)
Oper. Profit Margin
(1 Yr, %)
Oper. Profit Margin
(Prev Year, %)
Oper. Profit Margin
(2 Years Prev, %)
(Curr FY, x)
IDBI BANK62.6672,7788.0%20.5%14.7%11.9%14.15.8
TUBE INVESTMENTS OF INDIA3,291.6636,32229.4%12.6%11.8%9.8%49.50.2
MAX HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE652.0633,63115.0%26.9%23.6%6.0%64.00.1
CUMMINS INDIA1,920.0532,21021.3%18.5%17.8%15.9%44.40.1
OBEROI REALTY1,416.5515,04315.6%55.6%52.7%48.9%27.40.3
L&T TECHONOLOGY4,812.7508,82724.2%21.2%21.0%17.7%40.90.0
ABBOTT INDIA23,675.7503,09230.2%22.5%22.0%21.3%46.50.0
INDIAN BANK401.2499,60911.3%16.8%13.9%12.5%7.613.0
PERSISTENT SYSTEMS6,429.1494,55924.7%17.7%16.6%16.3%50.40.1
SCHAEFFLER INDIA 2,868.2448,31020.5%19.1%17.5%14.3%48.60.0
PHOENIX MILL2,359.7421,59417.6%80.5%49.5%47.3%38.40.5
KPIT TECHNOLOGIES1,483.1406,56923.8%18.9%17.6%15.3%82.80.0
MAZAGON DOCK SHIP.2,011.9405,77022.0%10.3%7.5%2.5%33.10.0
CENTRAL BANK44.3384,5665.7%11.1%9.9%6.5%18.512.6
MINDA INDUSTRIES657.3376,72516.9%11.9%11.4%11.4%57.70.3
METRO BRANDS1,375.7373,88423.6%31.9%30.5%21.6%109.70.0
SUNDARAM FINANCE3,351.7372,38113.3%32.4%28.2%24.4%27.24.3
ALFA LAVAL19,457.3353,35334.3%20.7%17.3%17.1%270.70.0
MAX FINANCIAL SERVICES1,020.8352,27612.9%2.3%1.9%1.8%59.40.1
3M INDIA31,077.9350,09526.9%15.3%11.7%10.0%65.30.0
KALYAN JEWELLERS334.8344,81011.9%8.0%7.9%7.3%69.41.0
RAIL VIKAS NIGAM165.0344,02819.4%6.9%6.3%6.2%24.80.9
VEDANT FASHIONS (MANYAVAR)1,389.5337,40030.8%49.5%47.6%43.0%84.40.0
OIL INDIA309.8335,94925.6%48.9%48.5%44.5%4.80.5

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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