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Mutual Funds Decreasing Stake for 4 Consecutive Quarters

A consistent reduction in mutual funds' stake in a company indicates potential changes in investment strategies or market sentiment towards the stock.

MF Holdings
(Latest Qtr, %)
MF Holdings
(3 Qtrs Prev, %)
Chg in MF Holding
(4 Qtrs, %)
(Rs m)
Oper. Profit Margin
(1 Yr, %)
(Latest, %)
(Curr FY, x)
ELIN ELECTRONICS154.49.9%16.0%-6.1%10,7546.1%5.4%0.2
ASHOK LEYLAND170.08.7%14.5%-5.8%416,72612.4%16.0%3.6
TARSONS PRODUCTS466.52.2%7.6%-5.5%2,83245.7%14.2%0.2
INDIAN HOTELS587.317.2%22.3%-5.1%58,09931.1%12.2%0.1
SUPREME INDUSTRIES4,151.210.9%15.7%-4.8%92,01614.7%19.7%0.0
TATA CHEMICALS939.56.1%10.8%-4.6%167,89022.8%12.4%0.3
VIP INDUSTRIES552.610.1%14.4%-4.3%20,82313.7%24.2%0.3
JAMNA AUTO119.910.3%14.3%-4.0%23,25311.3%21.6%0.0
ANDHRA PAPER525.01.8%5.8%-4.0%20,97734.3%33.0%0.0
HERITAGE FOOD331.511.8%15.8%-4.0%32,4074.1%8.0%0.2
SHRIRAM PROPERTIES 124.01.3%5.1%-3.8%6,7446.9%5.7%0.5
ITD CEMENTATION INDIA329.71.3%5.1%-3.8%50,9098.5%10.1%0.6
GREENPLY INDUSTRIES262.929.3%32.8%-3.5%18,4568.5%14.8%1.1
GULF OIL LUBRICANTS1,004.32.9%6.2%-3.3%29,99111.4%19.9%0.3
SUDARSHAN CHEMICAL587.99.1%12.3%-3.2%23,0179.3%5.4%1.0
HARSHA ENGINEERS408.77.2%10.3%-3.1%13,64013.6%11.5%0.2
AARTI PHARMALABS488.22.1%5.1%-3.1%19,45217.6%12.4%0.1
VST TILLERS3,247.716.4%19.4%-3.0%10,06412.7%11.2%0.0
DCB BANK128.025.3%28.3%-3.0%42,0039.0%10.2%9.9
SAGAR CEMENTS238.95.4%8.4%-3.0%22,2956.9%0.5%0.9
NARAYANA HRUDAYALAYA1,333.97.9%10.9%-3.0%45,24821.7%28.5%0.4
LUX INDUSTRIES1,172.22.2%4.9%-2.8%23,7879.0%9.5%0.2
KEI INDUSTRIES3,211.213.2%15.9%-2.7%69,12310.2%18.5%0.1

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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