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Promoters Increasing Stake

An increase in stake by promoters who have skin in the game is considered as a positive sign. Here's a list of stocks where promoters have increased their stake...

(Rs m)
Promoter Holding
(Latest Qtr, %)
Promoter Holding
(Prev Qtr, %)
Chg in Promoter Holding
Promoter Pledge
(Latest Qtr, %)
GOLDSTONE TECH79.52,74853.9%18.8%35.1%0.0%
ORACLE CREDIT43.123962.4%31.2%31.2%0.0%
INTELLIVATE CAPITAL6.720775.0%44.0%31.0%0.0%
INTEGRA GARMENTS5.118663.6%39.6%23.9%0.0%
MANGALAM INDUST.7.87,49174.5%52.5%22.0%0.0%
MEENAKSHI ENTERP.17.721923.6%2.5%21.1%0.0%
KINTECH RENEWABLES501.150194.7%74.8%19.9%0.0%
NOVAPAN IND.957.711,40692.1%74.8%17.2%0.0%
JUST DIAL937.378,33551.7%35.3%16.4%20.6%
TOWA SOKKI13.16088.2%72.2%16.0%0.0%
RELIANCE POWER16.154,60625.0%9.1%15.9%4.9%
ADARSH PLANT22.021866.9%51.1%15.8%0.0%
REGENCY INVESTMENTS11.15925.0%10.7%14.3%0.0%
SANMIT INFRA323.45,10972.3%60.2%12.2%0.0%
TRIJAL IND.9.04531.9%20.9%11.0%0.0%
SPACEAGE PRODUCTS72.26,43272.2%61.6%10.6%0.0%
GUFIC BIOSCIENCE249.624,19775.5%65.1%10.4%0.0%
PENTOKEY ORG21.413474.5%64.9%9.6%0.0%
KERNEX MICROSYS129.81,62231.0%22.3%8.7%0.0%
SANJIVANI PA55.054927.4%19.9%7.5%0.0%
ORIENT TRADELINK8.18919.6%13.0%6.6%17.2%
VIKAS ECOTECH5.75,43115.6%9.4%6.2%0.0%
LORDS CHLORO ALKALI97.92,46374.7%68.6%6.1%0.0%

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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