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Richa Agarwal's Screener

Richa Agarwal's top smallcap stocks. Check out the list here...

(Rs m)
(Latest, %)
(Curr FY, x)
Dividend Yield
(3 yrs, Avg. %)
Sales CAGR
(3 yrs, %)
PANACEA BIOTECH111.96,851127.0%
KSOLVES INDIA342.64,06193.6%18.821.90.01.7%79.3%105.6%
EKI ENERGY SERVICES605.016,64393.6%
ELPRO INTER58.29,86485.8%
SPORTKING INDIA656.28,71953.3%
TIGER LOGISTICS370.53,91745.2%
SHARE INDIA SECURITIES1,043.333,95445.2%
ANDHRA PETRO52.14,42545.0%12.10.9NM5.8%25.5%13.2%
SUPREME PETR367.869,16243.8%
GODAWARI POWER374.352,75642.8%
BALAXI PHARMA537.65,47342.1%
BALAXI PHARMA537.65,47342.1%
SANDUR MAN949.125,63040.7%
TANLA PLATFORMS563.675,74840.1%
TANFAC INDUSTRIES908.09,05739.9%
ANGEL BROKING1,090.790,97839.8%
JINDAL STAINLESS (HISAR)560.8132,30039.7%
KAMA HOLDINGS11,981.677,31339.1%
CHEMPLAST SANMAR355.556,20838.8%16.631.60.50.0%14.9%67.5%
ANAND RATHI WEALTH796.133,18837.5%
PUNJAB CHEMICAL871.910,69137.0%
MANALI PETRO60.210,35637.0%
VINYL CHEMICALS348.46,38836.3%

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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Which are the top stocks in India right now according to Equitymaster's smallcap guru Richa Agarwal?

As per Equitymaster's Stock Screener, these are the top stocks in India according to Richa Agarwal right now...

These companies are smallcap companies that have been ranked as per their return on equity (RoE).

The return on equity is a gauge of a corporation's profitability and how efficiently it generates those profits. The higher the RoE, the better.

However, there are other parameters you should take into account before forming a hard opinion on the stock valuation.

Who is Richa Agarwal?

Richa Agarwal is the editor of two extremely successful stock recommendation services in the smallcap space - Hidden Treasure and Phase One Alert - as well as Equitymaster Venture, a service which recommends Indian stocks in the technology space.

Richa has over 14 years of experience in financial markets.

What is Richa Agarwal's investing philosophy?

Richa specializes in the practice of bottom-up stock picking. This style of stock picking is well suited to smallcaps. She never recommends a stock without first talking to the company's management.

While most analysts do all their research from a stuffy office, Richa goes the extra mile. She has travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometers in search of new investment ideas for her subscribers.

One week, you will find her in Bengaluru, interviewing the management of a small IT firm. The next week, she'll be on the factory floor of a cotton mill in Delhi.

She has discovered many smallcap stocks in this manner which went on to become multibaggers.

What are smallcap stocks?

According to the market regulator, smallcap stocks are companies which rank 251st and beyond in terms of their market capitalisation.

Investing in them is perceived to be risky. However, the potential for higher returns makes them an appealing investment avenue.

How much should you invest in smallcap stocks?

According to us, in a scenario of ideal allocation of funds, small cap stocks should not comprise more than 10% of one's total equity portfolio. Further, we believe that a single small cap stock should ideally not form more than 2-3% of the total portfolio.

Please note that this allocation will vary from person to person. For something that works best for you, we recommend you talk to your investment advisor.

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