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Stocks Recently Sold by FIIs in India

Foreign investors (FIIs) are the big movers of the market. Whenever they exit a stock or decrease exposure in a company, their move could send a stock tumbling down to the earth.

So it becomes vital to track what FIIs are selling. Here's a list of stocks recently sold by foreign institutional investors (FIIs) in India...

(Rs m)
FII Holdings
(Latest Qtr, %)
FII Holdings
(Prev Qtr, %)
Chg in FII Holdings
Promoter Holding
(Latest Qtr, %)
Promoter Pledge
(Latest Qtr, %)
USHDEV INTNL1.65451.7%15.2%-13.5%40.7%38.0%
SHRIRAM TRANSPORT1,240.8464,57142.9%50.6%-7.7%25.3%0.0%
TAMILNADU TELECOM.6.73070.0%7.2%-7.2%63.6%0.0%
NTC INDUSTRIES82.09790.0%4.9%-4.9%65.9%0.0%
HP ADHESIVES 359.40.5%4.1%-3.6%71.4%0.0%
EROS INTERNATIONAL24.22,3172.3%5.8%-3.5%48.1%38.5%
RATEGAIN TRAVEL TECH351.937,5684.0%7.3%-3.3%55.8%0.0%
STYLAM INDUSTRIES1,090.018,4732.1%5.5%-3.4%54.6%0.0%
VOLTAMP TRANSFORMERS2,415.324,43514.0%17.1%-3.1%50.0%0.0%
BATA INDIA1,496.9192,3864.9%7.9%-3.0%50.2%0.0%
HINDUSTAN MEDIA VENTURES51.33,7790.2%3.0%-2.8%74.4%0.0%
ELANTAS BECK4,581.636,3210.8%3.7%-2.9%75.0%0.0%
SALASAR TECHNO ENGINEERING45.114,2239.4%12.2%-2.8%63.1%0.0%
VST TILLERS2,292.119,8031.3%4.0%-2.7%55.6%0.0%
HINDUJA GLOBAL1,299.268,23412.8%15.4%-2.6%66.6%0.0%
YASH PAKKA89.83,4190.3%3.0%-2.7%49.2%85.0%
GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS125.349,92922.4%25.1%-2.7%37.8%0.0%
DHANI SERVICES34.421,02715.9%18.3%-2.4%32.9%0.0%
STRIDES PHARMA SCIENCE309.527,94918.9%21.4%-2.5%30.9%69.4%
NEWGEN SOFTWARE418.729,28713.2%15.6%-2.4%55.2%0.0%
CHAMBAL FERTILISERS291.1121,1378.8%11.1%-2.3%60.6%25.0%
PHILLIPS CARBON BLACK115.743,6548.6%10.9%-2.3%51.4%0.0%

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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Which are the top stocks recently sold by foreign institutional investors in India?

As per Equitymaster's Stock Screener, here is a list of the top stocks where foreign institutional investors (FIIs) have recently sold their stake...

These companies have been ranked based on the highest percentage change in FII holding on a sequential basis.

Of course, there are other parameters you should take into account before forming a hard opinion on the stock valuation.

Who are foreign institutional investors (FIIs)?

Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) are investors who invest in financial markets outside their official home country. Foreign institutional investors can include pension funds, investment banks, hedge funds, and mutual funds.

FIIs need to register with the market regulator in India and invest through a registered broker.

Should you make investment decisions based on the buying and selling activity of FIIs?

Investors should not base their investment decisions solely based on the buying and selling activity of FIIs. FIIs have their own set of criteria for investing in the markets, which may not be relevant for an Indian investor.

Can FII holding in a company be higher than promoter holding?

There is no consistent trend of dividends across the pharma industry, with different companies having different dividend policies.

For more details, check out the top pharma stocks offering high dividend yields.

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