Get the most out of our graphs!

Our graphs are designed to deliver basic but important technical information. Apart from multi period graphs, which plot the daily close, there are options to view daily moving averages and comparisons with other stocks/indices.

Moving Averages: Users can now plot the 30 and 100 day moving average (either or both) on a stock price chart. DMAs, as they are referred to, are one of the elementary tools used by technical analysts to make a call on future stock price movements.

Comparative Graphs: Users can now choose to compare the performance of any one stock with the performance of the Sensex, Nifty or/and any other company. For example, in the graph below, the stock price performance of Cipla has been compared with that of the BSE Sensex and Glaxo for 1 year starting August 2000.

Sample Graph

This is how you read this graph: Rs 100 invested in Cipla in August 2000 is now worth Rs 140. During this period, an investment of Rs 100 in Glaxo fell to Rs 60, implying a loss. The benchmark BSE Sensex too recorded a fall with Rs 100 invested in August 2000 declining to Rs 75 in August 2001. One can say that while the overall market has been bearish, Cipla has outperformed the market while Glaxo has under performed.