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Fundamentals of Technical Analysis

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If you think it's things like quarterly results, sales, better profits, product launches, PE or PB multiple then you are wrong.

Markets move more on the attitude of market participants towards the emerging fundamentals than on fundamentals themselves.
Two factors govern the attitude of market participants: greed and fear. If people are greedy they buy more stocks. If they are fearful they sell more than they buy. Simple.

It's been that way for centuries. People were as greedy and fearful a hundred years back as they are now. That's why history rhymes and we have the rhythmic moves in the stock markets. These rhythmic moves in the markets create identifiable patterns which repeat.

Technical Analysis is a way to identify past price patterns. It helps to identify shifts in demand and supply of stock which enables us to pick trends and ride them.

Here we share with you everything you need to learn about trading with technical analysis. And before you ask: it's all in a simple and easy to understand language. So, enjoy the read and happy trading.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle concepts of environmental protection can be applied in stock picking. Apurva Sheth discusses Change of Polarity Principle. How previous supports can become resistance and vice-versa... Read More

Trading range bound stocks

It is said, market trends 20% of the time and rest they trade in a range bound fashion. Apurva Sheth discusses how to identify trading ranges and use them for trading or investing... Read More

Where to expect Supports & Resistances?

Charts show a picture of changes in investor sentiment and emotions over a period of time. Resistance zone are points where trader's greed becomes excessive and turns to fear. Support zone are points where trader's fear becomes excessive and turns to Greed... Read More

Feeling Let Down By the Technical Analysis Calls on TV? Read this...

You often find technical experts giving a view from both the sides of the market. They tend to play safe. But these kind of views serve none of your purpose. But neglecting technical analysis may not be a right choice..... Read More

A good start is half the battle

Making a good beginning is important no matter what you are attempting: a new business, a new job, a new home. Making a good beginning gives you an edge, a confidence boost; it bodes well for the rest of your venture. Similarly, good beginnings even in technicals are equally important..... Read More

Your 'Stepping Stone' in Technicals

Do you still rely on television & newspapers to make your trading decision? Do you really think the experts on TV help you understand the markets better? Then give a second thought... Read More

What's your view on the markets?

Are you bullish or bearish right now? If you bullish, you're wrong. If you bearish, you're wrong too. Instead you should counter question this..."What time span are you speaking about?"... Read More

This common charting error can cost you dearly

You know that date/time is plotted on the horizontal axis and price is plotted on the vertical axis. Date/Time axis is a straight forward concept, but there is a nuance attached to the price axis which most people ignore... Read More

The secret to choosing the perfect chart time frame

The price action can be analysed on different time frame. Some traders prefer daily chart, other prefer weekly or monthly chart. But what is an ideal chart timeframe?... Read More

Basic Elements of Charting

Charts are the playing field of a technical analyst. A basic understanding of chart construction is important for a solid foundation before moving on to higher concepts. The 2 basic elements that you will find on a technical analyst's chart are: price and volume... Read More

The 3 Basic Components of Technical Analysis

Apurva Sheth discusses the three premises of technical analysis. Starting with history repeats itself, market action discounts everything and prices move in trends. Technical Analysis is made up of three subject's psychology, geometry and mathematics... Read More

Fundamentals & Technicals: The Best of both worlds

Fundamentals are the cause and price movement is its effect. Technicians believe that the effect is more important than the cause, and so devote more of their time studying price action over other things... Read More

What moves the markets?

Why do the stock prices change so frequently when nothing appears to have changed on the ground? Why does the price change every second, every minute and every day? Are there any universal laws which can help us determine whether the prices of any financial security will rise or fall?... Read More


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