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All You Need to Know About Smallcap Stocks

Equitymaster's guide to Smallcap stocks with detailed analysis and much more. Also check out Equitymaster's powerful stock screener to find the top Smallcap stocks. Meanwhile, a list of Smallcap Stocks is available here...

There are over three thousand listed stocks in the Indian smallcap space.

This compares to just 30 in the Sensex, fifty stocks in the Nifty, top 100 by market cap in the largecap space and next 150 in midcaps.

Over 90% of the listed entities belong to the small cap space

Small companies, unlike their large peers, are sitting on the runway, waiting to take-off.

This is the space from where the future Infosys, and Bajaj Finance will emerge. It's a space where you can generate strong 'alpha' i.e. outperformance.

That said, among the thousands of companies on the BSE Smallcap index, only a few smallcaps become big winners. Most get lost in oblivion.

However, following a clear roadmap can fetch you the best smallcap stocks

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