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Commodity Markets in India

A large group of people, especially in India, equate commodities with precious metals like gold and silver or crude oil.

However, the commodities space offers much more. Think soyabean, grains, spices, pulses, etc.

Wondering how to invest in commodities? Let's find out...

Investors can invest in commodities via futures contracts or exchange traded products that directly track a commodity index.

Although these investments can be highly volatile and are generally carried out by experienced investors and traders.

Another way to gain exposure is to invest in companies that have commodity-related businesses.

For example, buying Hindalco shares gives exposure to non-ferrous industrial metals like aluminium and copper.

Investors can also invest in commodities via mutual funds. These are funds that invest in a portfolio of commodity-related companies.

For instance, an oil and gas fund would invest in equity shares of companies involved in energy exploration, refining, storage, and distribution.

Note that the returns of directly investing in commodities differ from investing in commodity related stocks. But so does the risk factor.

Commodity investing has its own advantages:

  • Potential hedge against inflation: Inflation, which erodes the value of money, often means higher prices for commodities. Commodities have historically shown healthy performance in periods of high inflation.
  • Diversification: The addition of an asset class that is different from other stocks and bonds can help you better manage market volatility.

Alongside, commodity investing has its own risks:

  • Sensitive to global events: The commodity industry is significantly affected by worldwide competition, government regulations, and economic conditions.
  • High volatility: Issues with liquidity and potential exposure to natural disasters makes the asset class more volatile. Imagine crude oil futures going to negative prices!

Since you are interested in commodities, check out the top commodity stocks in India.

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