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The Warren Buffett Quiz

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Are you a Warren Buffett fan? How much do you know about him really? Take the Quiz and find out! And here's more- Score the perfect 10 and earn yourself bragging rights for doing so!

1. What was Berkshire Hathaway's original business?
2. Warren Buffett's passion for business was visible right from the early age of 6 yrs. What did he first sell?
Used golf balls
Chewing gum
Coke cans
3. In a depressed world of 1941, when Warren Buffett was only 11 yrs old, he declared boldly that he would become a millionaire by age 35. Which book had inspired him to set that goal?
One Thousand Ways to Make $ 1,000
Security Analysis
The Intelligent Investor
Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits
4. When did Warren Buffett file his first income tax return? How much did he pay?
12 yrs, US$ 12
14 yrs, US$ 7
17 yrs, US$ 28
18 yrs, US$ 12
5. Which newspaper did Warren Buffett deliver as a teenager and later held as an investment?
The Buffalo News
The Washington Post
The New York Times
The Sun
6. Ben Graham once chaired the board of this company, which turned out to be a great investment for Warren Buffett. Which is that company?
Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO)
Northern Pacific Railway
American-Hawaiin Steamship Company
7. In 1952, Warren Buffett made an investment that he often claims has been one of his best $ 100 investments ever. What was that investment?
Dale Carnegie's public speaking course
Golf club
The Catalog of University of Columbia
Wedding suit
8. Which was the first stock purchase of Warren Buffet?
Cities Service Preferred
Berkshire Hathaway
Northern Pacific Railway
9. In 1957, Warren Buffett bought a house too modest for a millionaire. He still lives there. How much did he buy that house for?
$ 35,200
$ 31,500
$ 15,300
$ 28,500
10. Who is known as Warren Buffett's "Siamese twin"?
Peter Buffett
Howard Buffett
Bill Gates
Charlie Munger
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