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An investor enrichment initiative, The Equitymaster WebSummits have over the years become hugely popular. Here we present a few clips from each of the WebSummits, and, whereever possible, the transcripts too.

Sep 2013

The Naxal Crisis and Where It Is Headed

Guest Speaker -
Sudeep Chakravarti, an independent analyst of socio-political and security issues in South Asia, an author, a columnist with Mint, and consultant to think-tanks, media and businesses.

Topics covered -
» How did Naxalism or such conflicts actually started in the first place?
» How has Indian government reacted to these? Any effective measures yet?
» What is the relation of corruption to these conflicts?
» How knowledge about these conflicts can be regularly updated?
» What would you do as an investor?

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Aug 2013

"Government is Useless" - Emergency WebSummit with Ajit Dayal!

Guest Speaker -
Ajit Dayal, founder of Equitymaster, PersonalFn and Quantum Mutual Fund

Topics covered -
» What should you invest in? Fixed deposits, bonds, equities or commodities?
» What needs to be done with Gold in today's conditions?
» What is real effective exchange rate (REER) and how it is affecting the Indian economy?
» How is FII affecting the Indian stock market? What should be done about it?
» And many more...

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July 2013

A Talk With Jim Rogers

Guest Speaker -
Selling peanuts at the age of five to getting a job in Wall Street at the age of 22 to starting his first index fund with George Soros at the age of 31, Jim has had a meteoric rise in the investing world.

Topics covered -
» Where is Gold headed? When is the good time to buy it?
» Which Country is he investing in right now?
» What might be the outcome of the current global economic condition?
» What should an average investor invest in?
» How the Indian economy might become more favorable to the foreign investors?

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June 2013

Stocks, Valuations and Prof. Aswath Damodaran

Guest Speaker -
Prof. Aswath Damodaran, from a solid academic background, with MBA plus PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles, coupled with MS in Management from the renowned IIM, Bangalore.

Topics covered -
» What is more important - Fundamental valuation or price selection?
» Should you mix technical analysis with value investing?
» How to know you are paying too high a premium on a stock price?
» Where is the global economy, especially the Indian economy, headed to?
» What books you should read (if you even need to)?

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May 2013

"I think this is going to take off massively"

Guest Speaker -
Dr Marc Faber, very widely followed contrarian investor, very respected economist, and the editor and publisher of "The Gloom Boom & Doom Report"

Topics covered -
» What is more important - Fundamental valuation or price selection?
   Should you mix technical analysis with value investing?
» Dr Faber on India...
   "I went to Kolkata... and I was very impressed. I think this is going to take off massively."
» Dr Faber on the Middle East...
   "I believe the whole Middle East will go up in flames."
» Dr. Faber on his asset allocation...
   "I have roughly 25% in gold and I still have about 25% in equities although I don't think they will go up a lot because I have most of my equities here in Asia."

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April 2013

Is Long Term Investing DEAD?

Guest Speaker -
Ajit Dayal, Chairman, Quantum Asset Management Company

Topics covered -
» Does long term investing really work?
» What's wrong with India?
» Where is Gold headed?
» Is FII money coming into India?
» Update on Global Crisis

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