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We're Hiring...

At Equitymaster, our entire focus is on one thing and one thing only...

To give honest opinions that will help our readers take profitable investment decisions.

This is the path we have taken from the day we were set up. And this is the path we will stay on forever.

No compromises. No deviations.

Our readers come first. Period.

Now, as our reach has grown (we now have premium subscribers in 65 countries), so have requests from our members for more, and even better, services.

And to meet these requirements we are constantly looking to add people to our team...

But before any more details, here's what you absolutely must know about us...

At Equitymaster we are a very focussed group that works as one big team... so, no cabins, no high walls... we are just one team working together to achieve one common goal - deliver honest and unbiased opinions to our readers.

We are very passionate about our business. And definitely intend to make a difference in the way people make their investments. That's the driving thought behind our every action.

We believe it's high time that every individual/retail investor had access to honest research and opinions.

Yes, and one more thing... we are not big fans at all of commission led selling. Or of opinions that are driven by considerations other than the interest of the person it is meant for.

Basically, we simply hate this practice of misleading investors for personal gain.

At Equitymaster we would rather not do business, than do anything which even remotely borders on not being truthfully honest.

So, having come this far, we reckon you are either curious or really interested in what we do at Equitymaster.

We spoke of adding people to our team... here are more details -

Senior Research Analysts

If you have 5 to 10 yrs or more experience in researching Indian stocks, from a fundamentals perspective (as against purely technical), and have a passion for writing, come over and meet us over a cup of coffee... We will be happy to meet someone who shares our views and passion.

Senior Copywriter

Again, we are looking for someone with several years of experience in writing sales letters. If you have experience in writing for the finance domain, it could be an advantage; but don't hesitate in case you don't. Some of the best copywriters are those who do not start with a fixed mindset but are eager to learn!

So, if you are interested in either of the positions above, just drop us an email, with your detailed resume, complete contact details, and maybe even samples of your recent work.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Many Thanks,

Team Equitymaster

P.S.: It may not be possible for us to revert to every person who writes in to us, but we will definitely try. Thank you for understanding.