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It isn't something you can build in a day...

Neither is it something you can demand from someone...

In fact, we strongly believe that it has to be Earned, Built and Preserved through every single act, over the years.

Webster simply defines it as "a belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest and effective".

Simple words and yet something that has become a rarity in current times...

We're more likely to hear about "Trust Deficit in someone" than actually "Trust in someone"...

And it's not new... It was there when we started in 1996 and it is there today.

Sadly, something that should be the norm has always been a rarity... Trust.

So, in 1996, when we decided to start Equitymaster, our single-minded goal was to create something that the investors of the country could Trust.

And over these past 17 years, we're proud to say that over 1,764,790 Registered Members of Equitymaster, across 72 countries Worldwide, Trust Equitymaster with their need for honest, unprejudiced and reliable research.

However, there are still millions of investors who are yet to experience our services and then there is the constant effort from our end to ensure that we live up to the expectations that our current readers have put in us.

And it's our promise that each and every member of Team Equitymaster is committed to do everything we can to maintain this trust.

Why You Can Trust Equitymaster. . .

In short, we are here to change the way people invest!

So, here are 3 reasons why you could Trust Equitymaster as well...

  1. As an Equitymaster Member, you are in Good Hands...
    We are India's First Financial Website and we're here to stay for a long time to come! We have an in-house research team with a cumulative experience of nearly 80 years. Plus, there's also Equitymaster's proprietary Risk-Analysis Tool - Equitymaster's Risk Matrix, or ERMTM, developed by our own research team that analyses the risks of investing in a particular stock as well. So, in addition to the expected returns, your investments are safe well. This tool has helped our subscribers create and preserve their wealth numerous times in the past. And has helped our first recommendation service (launched in 2002) achieve an enviable 80.9% success ratio.

    So, you can TRUST EQUITYMASTER that you are in Good Hands!

  2. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed...
    Almost all our Premium Service Subscriptions come with 100% Money-Back Policy. So, you will never subscribe to a service only to regret it later. We'll give you enough time to go through all the aspects of the service and even go through the complete archive of our recommendations to see our past performance. If, though we're positive it won't, you still feel that the service is not for you... all you have to do is get in touch with us and we'll refund the FULL amount that you paid. That's our promise.

    So, you can TRUST EQUITYMASTER that your Satisfaction with our services is guaranteed!

  3. Your Profit is Our Goal
    Over the past 17 years, we've launched many services catering to various needs of the Indian Investor. Right from creating long term strategic portfolios, with 5-10 years investment horizon, to short-term derivative recommendation service! In short, we've moved by leaps and bounds towards achieving our goal to be "investor's best friend". There's still a long way to go but rest assured that each and every change we make would be towards generating YOUR wealth... safely.

    So, you can TRUST EQUITYMASTER that your Profit is our Goal!

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