How to Edit a Mutual Fund Transaction?

The Edit function of Portfolio Tracker enables you to update the details of Mutual Funds in your portfolio.

Now, let's assume that you have entered a wrong quantity for HDFC infrastructure G and you want to change it.

Step 1

Go to the Homepage of Portfolio Tracker, select the portfolio and click on <Go>.

You will be directed to the Consolidated Holding Report.

Step 2

Click on the checkbox against HDFC infrastructure G to select it and click on <Edit>.

Note: You can edit only one scheme at a time.

On clicking on <Edit>, you will be directed to the Edit Scheme page.

Now let's change the quantity of HDFC INFRASTRUCTURE G .

Step 3

Enter the correct quantity in the QUANTITY field and click on <Save>. In this case we are entering 200 and 110 against both the transactions respectively.

You will now see a pop up that will inform you that the entries have been saved successfully. Click on <Ok>.

Now click on <Go Back> to return to the Consolidated Holdings Report.

You will find that the Quantity of HDFC INFRASTRUCTURE G has changed from 200 to 310.
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