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This Stock Will Rise from the Ashes of India's Real Estate Market

(Jan 27, 2018)

This company would be major Beneficiary of the Rise in the Real Estate Sector.

We Just Discovered a Company with Almost No Competition

(Nov 23, 2017)

Buffett likes companies operating in a low competitive environment since its akin to a widening of moat.

The 13-Year Coma of Hindustan Unilever Shares...

(Oct 28, 2017)

Investors who put their money into HUL's stock in 1997 found the stock slipping into a 13 year coma - here's what they should have done.

One More Stock for your Coffee Can

(Sep 28, 2017)

Neither the most popular nor the cheapest stock today can be sealed away in a coffee can for a decade.

180,000%: The Returns That Could Have Been

(Sep 7, 2017)

For successful investing in small caps, it's important to know when not to press the panic button.

This Rs 71 Trillion Business Could Make or Break (Your) Wealth in the Next Decade

(Oct 17, 2017)

How to profit from behavioral biases afflicting the industry.

These Stocks Could Beat Global Equities 20 Times Over

(Dec 21, 2017)

Pension funds could be making a beeline for Indian stocks sooner or later...

Invest in a 'Haunted House' Stock and Make a Killing

(Oct 7, 2017)

You can make a killing by buying non-commodity business in a commodity industry

The Market Crash Will See More Stocks Behaving Like This Multibagger

(Feb 3, 2018)

If you think Vakrangee is a one off case, you're wrong.

Bitcoin: The Miracle that Turns Air Into Wealth?

(Dec 30, 2017)

The bitcoin expert talks about his experience with bitcoins.

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