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Stocks with Increasing Debt to Equity

Stocks with increasing debt to equity ratios signify that the companies' levels of debt relative to their equity are rising. This trend suggests that the companies are relying more on debt financing to support their operations, expansion plans, or other capital requirements.

While taking on debt can provide opportunities for growth and investment, a continuously increasing debt to equity ratio may raise concerns about the financial risk and leverage of these stocks.

Long term Debt(Latest FY)Short term debt( Latest FY), AnnlCurrLiaAnnlShareCapAnnlReservesD/E
(Curr FY, x)
UJJIVAN FINANCIAL SERVICES552.6302,814.00.09,138.91,216.830,405.09.6
ASHOK LEYLAND176.4195,029.0114,176.0224,441.02,936.182,178.23.6
TATA STEEL LONG PROD829.5146,678.00.042,018.8451.09,131.015.3
AAVAS FINANCIERS1,426.471,517.826,889.128,965.1790.631,464.03.1
ABG SHIPYARD1.150,199.042,704.588,881.73,876.80.0-3.3
CENTRUM CAPITAL28.144,826.46,811.452,607.3416.05,123.69.3
FUTURE ENTERPRISES0.939,324.730,867.746,599.61,140.225,021.12.7
UGRO CAPITAL264.831,039.9449.52,237.1693.29,098.93.2
JITF INFRALOGISTICS561.730,651.32,358.38,845.751.40.0-3.7
IRB INVIT FUND69.229,293.61,086.75,188.149,
CHALET HOTELS584.022,077.15,861.610,776.42,050.313,266.51.8
BHARAT FORGE1,156.817,512.750,457.582,768.6931.366,086.61.0
SUPREME INFRA.37.015,340.036,182.166,982.4257.00.0-1.6
ARMAN FINANCIAL2,139.214,287.41,756.82,861.984.93,569.64.4
SANGHI INDUSTRIES127.113,507.01,799.96,571.22,583.313,008.01.0
BHARAT ROAD NETWORK42.412,393.61,733.27,180.4839.52,184.64.7
FUTURE LIFESTYLE3.111,676.55,605.748,533.6403.60.0-1.0
BALKRISHNA INDUSTRIES2,559.110,380.923,036.633,492.7386.675,182.70.4
STERLITE TECH148.010,020.026,650.055,290.0800.019,860.01.8
JMC PROJECTS118.69,337.47,905.635,619.9335.84,931.93.3
BOMBAY RAYON F1.89,122.035,564.444,211.63,174.80.0-9.8
SINDHU TRADE LINKS27.58,829.97,543.112,412.31,541.911,779.41.2
SETCO AUTOMOTIVE7.87,829.0898.12,057.1267.50.0-2.4

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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