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Stocks with Increasing Return on Equity

Stocks with increasing return on equity (ROE) ratios indicate that the company's profitability relative to its shareholders' equity is improving over time.

A rising ROE suggests that the company is generating higher profits for each unit of equity invested by shareholders. This can be a positive sign, indicating effective management, efficient operations, or strategic initiatives that have enhanced the company's profitability.

(Rs m)
(Latest, %)
ICICI BANK1,012.0340,36613,967.82,123,401.315.9%
BANK OF BARODA210.5149,05210,355.31,040,191.814.2%
BHARTI AIRTEL1,029.0122,87428,366.0745,515.015.9%
BAJAJ FINSERV1,703.8122,0951,592.6457,772.026.6%
CANARA BANK429.6112,54718,141.3762,396.014.4%
ADANI POWER495.0107,26638,569.4260,187.035.9%
HINDUSTAN ZINC324.1105,1108,450.0120,870.081.3%
PIRAMAL ENTERPRISES930.199,686477.3310,113.032.1%
UNION BANK115.285,11769,387.5718,648.010.8%
GIC OF INDIA308.069,0738,772.0351,188.019.2%
INDIAN BANK411.255,72312,454.4482,614.011.3%
ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL172.447,95824,179.9176,586.023.9%
AUTHUM INVESTMENT698.143,040169.833,994.3126.0%
IDBI BANK63.737,061107,524.0355,668.08.0%
CHENNAI PETROLEUM678.335,3151,489.163,261.754.5%
GVK POWER & INFRA9.930,7111,579.20.00.0%
BHARAT ELECTRONICS150.829,4047,309.8131,307.021.2%
CHOLAMANDALAM FINANCIAL HOLDINGS1,059.028,183187.875,600.237.2%
CHOLAMANDALAM INVEST1,139.826,6491,644.8140,982.018.7%
BANK OF MAHARASHTRA46.026,05067,305.090,597.416.5%

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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