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Top Smallcap Companies in India

Smallcap companies have been around in the industry long enough and have firmly established themselves as leading players.

The best smallcap stocks offer one of the safest ways to create long-term, permanent wealth. Here's a list of top smallcap companies in India...

(Rs m)
(Latest, %)
(Curr FY, x)
Sales CAGR
(3 yrs, %)
Dividend Yield
IIFL FINANCE578.2220,35312.62.317.9%4.417.0%0.7%
EXIDE INDUSTRIES256.3217,81325.81.97.4%0.01.4%0.8%
NARAYANA HRUDAYALAYA1,061.6216,94931.99.328.5%0.413.1%0.2%
AJANTA PHARMA1,706.7214,89434.66.517.4%0.013.1%0.4%
KAJARIA CERAMICS1,336.7212,88158.78.814.9%0.116.0%0.7%
WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA1,663.8211,08397.76.06.5%0.03.6%0.3%
BATA INDIA1,634.6210,08567.713.622.5%0.04.1%0.8%
LAURUS LABS 386.7208,26936.45.119.8%0.528.7%0.5%
SUMITOMO CHEMICAL INDIA416.5207,89448.88.521.1%0.013.1%0.3%
NIPPON LIFE INDIA AMC331.1206,83824.55.721.3%0.03.9%3.5%
CREDITACCESS GRAMEEN1,295.1206,06019.83.816.2%3.227.7%0.0%
ADITYA BIRLA FASHION & RETAIL214.8203,803NM7.7NM0.812.2%0.0%
FIVE STAR BUSINESS697.2203,37131.44.614.1%1.024.6%0.0%
THE RAMCO CEMENTS859.3203,03466.12.95.0%0.714.6%0.2%
APAR INDUSTRIES 5,273.3201,80028.38.328.5%0.124.6%0.8%
ICICI SECURITIES613.8198,31917.86.439.9%3.325.7%3.1%
GILLETTE INDIA5,991.6195,23854.919.734.1%0.06.6%1.2%
DR. LAL PATHLABS2,335.2194,91973.111.515.0%0.114.9%0.5%
TATA TELESERVICES99.6194,691NMNM0.0%-1.00.9%0.0%
VINATI ORGANICS1,844.9189,61743.18.220.6%0.026.3%0.4%

* We show NM where the values are negative

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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Which are the top smallcap companies in India right now?

As per Equitymaster's Indian Stock Screener, these are the top smallcap companies in India right now.

These smallcap companies have been ranked as per their market capitalization. The higher the market cap, the higher the total value of the company. 

Of course, there are other parameters you should take into account before forming a hard opinion on the stock valuation.

What are smallcap stocks?

According to the market regulator, smallcap stocks are companies which rank 251st and beyond in terms of their market capitalisation.

Investing in them is perceived to be risky. However, the potential for higher returns makes them an appealing investment avenue.

What are the benefits of investing in smallcap stocks?

Smallcap growth stocks are one of the most exciting segments in the market, as small companies with higher growth rates often offer investors the opportunity for market-beating returns.

These companies are sitting on the runway, waiting to take-off. However, they usually tend to trade at a premium valuation.

If you're looking to invest in smallcap stocks, read our detailed guide to screen the best smallcap stocks.

How much should one invest in smallcap stocks?

According to us, in a scenario of ideal allocation of funds, small cap stocks should not comprise more than 10% of one's total equity portfolio.

Further, we believe that a single small cap stock should ideally not form more than 2-3% of the total portfolio.

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