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Stocks Recently Bought by Mutual Funds

One smart way to filter stocks is to figure out who else is buying them. Here's a list of stocks mutual funds have turned bullish on...

(Rs m)
MF Holdings
(Latest Qtr, %)
MF Holdings
(Prev Qtr, %)
Chg in MF Holdings
Promoter Holding
(Latest Qtr, %)
Promoter Pledge
(Latest Qtr, %)
GATEWAY DISTRIPARKS278.434,74826.8%20.7%6.2%32.1%0.0%
METROPOLIS HEALTHCARE1,781.891,18314.1%9.4%4.7%49.8%1.2%
EQUITAS SMALL FINANCE BANK48.060,11114.5%10.4%4.1%74.6%0.0%
NEOGEN CHEMICALS1,426.335,57017.5%13.5%4.0%60.2%0.0%
INDIAN HOTELS230.3327,04721.4%18.1%3.3%38.2%0.0%
BHARAT FORGE695.9324,00317.6%14.3%3.3%45.3%7.1%
ZEE ENTERTAINMENT243.2233,59815.4%12.2%3.2%4.0%5.4%
STOVE KRAFT580.019,0638.9%5.7%3.1%56.4%11.9%
GO FASHION (INDIA)1,127.060,86817.9%15.0%3.0%52.8%11.7%
MAX FINANCIAL SERVICES732.7252,86628.1%25.2%2.9%14.7%87.2%
KALPATARU POWER360.753,71234.3%31.4%2.9%51.6%51.8%
KAJARIA CERAMICS1,042.0165,88316.6%13.8%2.8%47.5%0.0%
MULTI COMMODITY1,298.866,23429.6%26.8%2.8%0.0%0.0%
BARBEQUE NATION HOSPITALITY988.938,47711.3%8.5%2.8%34.5%2.5%
TEAMLEASE SERVICES 3,321.356,78313.6%10.9%2.7%31.5%1.6%
CENTURY ENKA495.810,8322.7%0.0%2.6%24.8%0.0%
SUNDARAM FINANCE1,787.0198,53710.1%7.6%2.5%38.5%0.0%
TATA COMM980.8279,5147.4%5.0%2.4%58.9%5.0%
BALRAMPUR CHINI418.085,27916.4%14.0%2.4%42.4%0.0%
JUBILANT FOODWORKS494.7326,42511.9%9.5%2.4%41.9%1.7%
BANDHAN BANK318.6513,1124.2%1.9%2.3%40.0%0.0%
NAVIN FLUORINE3,813.6188,97615.3%13.1%2.2%29.7%3.1%

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. These are not stock recommendations and should not be treated as such. Learn more about our recommendation services here... Also note that these screeners are based only on numbers. There is no screening for management quality.

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