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Bill Bonner is the President & Founder of Agora Inc, an international publisher of financial and special interest books and newsletters.

Vivek Kaul is a writer who has worked at senior positions with the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) and The Economic Times, in the past. He has just finished writing a trilogy on the history of money and the financial crisis. The series is titled Easy Money. His writing has also appeared in The Times of India, Business Standard, Business Today, The Hindu and The Hindu Business Line.

  • Why should you stay away from the forecasting circus of 2016 (27 November 2015)
  • Will the 7th Pay Commission recommendations lead to higher inflation? (26 November 2015)
  • Zombies to the Left, Cronies to the Right (25 November 2015)
  • Will damages of the 7th Pay Commission be as bad as the Sixth? (25 November 2015)
  • Getting Paid to Come to the Opposite Conclusion (24 November 2015)
  • Who is a babu? (24 November 2015)
  • Rates Back to 'Normal'? Not Likely... (23 November 2015)
  • 7th Pay Commission Report: What does govt 'really' spend its money on? (23 November 2015)
  • Certain Mistakes (Like Suicide Bombing) Can Only Be Made Once (20 November 2015)
  • Why private equity cannot rescue real estate (20 November 2015)
  • Stockholders Owe Their Gains to Deception, Corruption, and Collusion (19 November 2015)
  • More reasons on why Swacch Bharat cess is a bad idea (19 November 2015)
  • Why Would Paris and Washington Enter into an Unwinnable War? (18 November 2015)
  • The govt has captured most of the benefits of falling oil prices (18 November 2015)
  • Drugs, Suicide, and Borrowing to Buy Your Own Assets (17 November 2015)
  • The success of Make in India will lead to more jobs in services (17 November 2015)
  • War is a Dangerous Influence (16 November 2015)
  • Swacch Bharat cess shows minimum government is just a slogan (16 November 2015)
  • How Terrible It Would Be to See the Future (14 November 2015)
  • Remembering the True Cost of War (13 November 2015)
  • Does the Sensex 'really' give a return of 16% per year, in the long run? (13 November 2015)
  • Is America Better Off than 40 Years Ago? (11 November 2015)
  • Larry Summers, Shepherd of the World (10 November 2015)
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds are a great idea that won't work in India (10 November 2015)
  • No Need for American-made Work Boots (9 November 2015)
  • Bihar elections: Why TV channels declared that Nitish Kumar had lost (9 November 2015)
  • Why Do We Let Other People Tell Us What To Do? (6 November 2015)
  • It doesn't make any sense to hand over your gold to the govt (6 November 2015)
  • Easy Money: Even History's Dreams Rhyme (5 November 2015)
  • One last time: The govt shouldn't be running 27 banks (5 November 2015)
  • 'Supplying' the Rich with Money (4 November 2015)
  • IDBI Bank's privatisation will be a test case for Modi govt (4 November 2015)
  • No Higher Authority Than God Himself (3 November 2015)
  • Disinvestment: The more things change, the more they remain the same (3 November 2015)
  • It's Still Tokyo Deflation...Then Buenos Aires Inflation (2 November 2015)
  • RBI needs to answer some questions on home loans (2 November 2015)

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