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Indian pharma: A walk through 'Para IVs'
(Sep 21, 2012)
Equitymaster explains the importance of Para IV filings for Indian pharma companies and which are the ones that are likely to benefit from possible outcomes.
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Ranbaxy vs Dr. Reddy's: Which one is better? - III
(Apr 8, 2011)
This article is a comparison between Ranbaxy and Dr Reddy's balance sheet ratios and price performance over past 4 years.
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Ranbaxy vs Dr. Reddy's: Which one is better? - II
(Mar 26, 2011)
This article is a comparison between Ranbaxy and Dr Reddy's revenue segmentation and other financial parameters.
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Ranbaxy vs Dr. Reddy's: Which one is better?
(Mar 23, 2011)
This article is a comparison between Ranbaxy and Dr Reddy's profiles and their business segments.
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Global pharma venturing beyond the US
(Jul 9, 2010)
Equitymaster discusses how global pharma is venturing towards emerging markets as competition hots up and growth slows down in the US.
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Pharma: A second wave of generics opportunity
(Jul 2, 2010)
Equitymaster discusses the huge generics opportunity that beckons Indian pharma players in the US market in the next three years.
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Stellar performance of pharma in 2009
(Dec 30, 2009)
Pharma stocks have considerably rallied in 2009 and this article takes a look at the winners and losers during the year along with the prospects for the sector.
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The next big thing for global Pharma
(Oct 15, 2009)
Today's article highlights the important role that branded generics are expected to play in the global pharmaceutical market and how Indian pharma will benefit from the same
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Pharma: The year that was…
(Apr 10, 2008)
FY08 was a mixed year for Indian pharma companies. While the pricing pressure in the global generics market and the sharp appreciation of the rupee kept pharma companies on their toes, most of them barring the MNC pharma companies were able to log decent growth rates as compared to the previous two years both in revenues and profitability.
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Pharma: Looking to settle
(Nov 13, 2007)
Since CY05, when generic companies worldwide were rocked on their heels by the substantial price erosion that they faced on their base business, the pricing pressure has not shown significant signs of receding. That said, the pricing pressure is now more brutal on new molecules losing patents than the base business, where prices have more or less stabilised.
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Pharma: The regulatory angle...
(Oct 9, 2007)
Healthcare has assumed significant importance the world over and the fact that the developed nations of the world spend around 8% to 14% of the GDP on healthcare further highlights the importance of the same.
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Pharma: The rising rupee impact
(Sep 25, 2007)
While the rupee has been on an appreciating trend since the beginning of 2007 reaching 40.58 levels, last week was witness to the Indian currency breaching the psychological barrier of 40 to trade at 39.80 levels.
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Pharma: Why out-license?
(Sep 11, 2007)
In last week's article, we had brought to the fore the steps taken by domestic pharma companies to hive off R&D into a separate company in a bid to unlock value from the same in the longer term.
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Pharma: New product introduction...
(Aug 28, 2007)
The introduction of the product patent law has led the Indian pharma companies to adopt a host of strategies to augment their revenue streams and sustain the pace of new product launches especially in the domestic market.
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Pharma: Europe and ROW focus
(Jul 17, 2007)
The high level of competition witnessed in the US generics market has propelled generic companies both in India and globally to geographically diversify in a bid to de-risk their revenue profile and sustain overall profitability.
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Pharma: Regulatory upsides in the making?
(Jul 10, 2007)
With healthcare costs accounting for a sizeable chunk of the GDP in both the developed and developing nations, little wonder then that governments across the world are under pressure to reduce these costs. For Indian pharma companies the competition has been intense in both the domestic and the global pharma market and a host of regulatory changes in recent times (especially in the European generics market) have been weighing heavy on companies having a presence in this region. In this article,
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Pharma: The year that was...
(May 29, 2007)
FY07 was a good year for the Indian pharma companies especially the domestic ones as revenues from exports picked up scale through acquisitions and better opportunity in terms of product launches in the global generics market. The performance of the MNC pharma companies, however, left a lot to be desired. In this article, we shall take a look at the overall performance of the pharma sector for FY07/CY06. We have included the 11 pharma companies under our research coverage for the purpose of the
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Pharma: The year so far...
(Apr 25, 2007)
The Indian stockmarkets have exhibited a volatile trend from the start of the year till the present date influenced by a host of domestic and global factors. This includes global factors such as the likely slowdown in the US market, unwinding of the yen carry trade and domestic factors such as rising inflation and CRR hikes by the RBI in a bid to curb liquidity. In this scenario, the Sensex has lost marginal ground (0.1%) during the period January 2007 to April 2007. While the healthcare index l
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Pharma: Besides the US....
(Mar 20, 2007)
While the US generics market continues to be a major focus area for most of the major Indian pharma companies, many of them are looking to de-risk their business model by increasing focus on the semi regulated markets of Asia, Russia, CIS, Central Eastern Europe and Africa. This is largely due to the fact that while the US generics market continues to be the largest in the world, increasing level of competition and brutal price erosion has led Indian pharma companies to focus on other markets to
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Pharma: Going hand-in-hand...
(Jan 9, 2007)
The 'partnership' model for introducing patented and generic drugs has emerged as the new mantra for pharmaceutical companies in recent times. And we are not talking about only Indian pharma companies, but global pharma players as well. Increased competition, ballooning R&D budgets, regulatory policy changes and pressures to prune costs and improve profitability has meant that pharma companies worldwide have had to dig deeper and come out with strategies to sustain growth in this highly competit
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