I'm Back to Where It All Started

Mar 4, 2021

Editor's note: Join me in welcoming the newest member of the Equitymaster research team, Aditya Vora. As part of Richa's smallcap team, Aditya is ready to recommend the best small-cap stocks to subscribers. We asked Aditya to introduce himself to Profit Hunter readers today.

Over to you Aditya...

It was March 2005.

I had just completed my SSC (10th standard) board examination.

Like every teenager I was looking forward to relishing the next 3 months before reality (my results) would strike.

I had many things on my mind...

A trip to Goa with my friends?

This would be difficult. As a 16 year old, just getting permission for Goa was a challenge in itself.

Should I take up French classes?

Hmm... I would get that nerdy look.

Perhaps it's time to join the gym.

It would certainly help me get female attention when I join college.

Little did I know that my father, who was an investor, had different plans for me.

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A month later, I was sitting in his office. I thought I was going to get a sermon about career/business or may be about life in general.

My father, like a typical baniya hoping to initiate his son into the world of making money, said...

  • "Son let me introduce you to the world of investing. A place where, with the right knowledge and temperament, fortunes are made. A business where EQ is more important than IQ".

I spent the next couple of months understanding the basics of investing.

That's when I got introduced to Equitymaster and a gentleman named Ajit Dayal who was an avid follower of the Warren Buffett style of investing.

My father was an Equitymaster subscriber.

In those days, Equitymaster's subscription service was in its infancy. It focused on the basics of finance and investing, educating its reader base, and building a brand based on trust.

I spent the entire summer vacation reading about sectors, Equitymaster's free reports, it's premium stock recommendation reports, and got introduced to some legends in value investing.

So much for my fancy plans.

In hindsight I couldn't complain. In my learning curve, those were perhaps the best 3 months. I was hooked on to investing in the stock market.

India's Revival: A Once-in-a-Generation Wealth Making Opportunity

Over the next 4-5 years, as I embarked on my CA journey, little did I realise my foundation for investing success had already been laid by my father and Equitymaster.

Financial management and costing came naturally to me. After I graduated as a CA, whenever anyone asked me what my goal was, I very clear...


Just when the stage was set for me to join my father, a sudden catastrophe struck my family.

My father was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away a short while later.

As a 22-year-old fresher CA, I was determined to pursue my investing career, but my mentor was gone. I had to take my first steps alone.

However, I picked up courage and worked my way up the ladder at many brokerages.

The learning was intense. It shaped my thought process. The institutional research houses helped convert my 'work in progress' investing skills into 'finished goods'.

As my father would have put it, "Understand the pulse of the market Aditya, if you want to make money".

So here I was looking to understand the pulse of the market, to put to use all that I had learnt in investing and make money for my clients.

The learning experience at brokerages was structured and insightful...

...but there was something missing.

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My area of research was confined to a particular sector and market cap. I was not able to put my bottom up stock picking and scuttlebutting skills to the best use.

The 'keeda' of flexibility and independence led me to a job hunt. As luck would have it, while randomly browsing my LinkedIn page, I saw an opening at Equitymaster.

Wow, the same people who introduced me to the stock market!

After a quick chat with CEO, Rahul Goel, I was put in touch with the research team and editors at Equitymaster.

Within a fortnight, after a series of interviews I was on board. As they say, the rest is history.

In around one a half decade, how the situation has changed!

I started as reader and a subscriber to Equitymaster.

And here I am now, working as an analyst with the small cap team.

So what do I bring to the table?

As a youngster my dinner conversations were around how Mr Narayana Murthy & Azim Premji changed the paradigm in the IT sector and went on to build Fortune 500 companies.

Finding such megatrends in time created astronomical shareholder wealth back in those days.

In fact, in this 'touch phone' era, as I like to call it, new trends and themes are evolving much faster.

I believe, the scope for bottom up stock picking is immense, especially in the small and midcap space.

Identifying the right megatrends and finding beneficiaries ahead of everyone else is only possible in the small cap space.

I have been a proponent of value investing. I've analysed many business across market cycles. I believe their confluence can bring massive profit opportunities to investors.

I've been at Equitymaster for a little over a week. I must say being on the other side of the table as an analyst and writer as well as being a part of Richa's Hidden Treasure and Phase One Alert teams, feels very good.

I look forward to this interesting journey.

I have benefitted a lot from Equitymaster, and I hope to do the same for you.

Warm regards,

Aditya Vora
Aditya Vora
Research Analyst, Hidden Treasure

PS: I look forward to recommending many profitable stocks to subscribers as part of Richa's team. To read all about the best smallcap recommendations made by Richa, please click here.

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3 Responses to "I'm Back to Where It All Started"

Nitin Solanki

Mar 5, 2021

Truly inspiring - Aditya. All the very best.

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Allwyn Albuquerque

Mar 4, 2021

I wish you the best in this journey and I am sure just like all the professionals at equity master you will also guide all the investors into making a great future for themselves and their families.

Like (5)

Sujoy Kumar Khan

Mar 4, 2021

Welcome to the team, Aditya.
May the success be your crown.

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